3 Pests That Can Harm Your Business

3 Pests That Can Harm Your BusinessAs a business, your primary goal is likely to bring in as many customers possible and fulfill their product or service needs. However, when pests find their way into your building or around it, it can be devastating to your reputation. To avoid disruption and continue to serve your customers, here are 3 pests to look out for that can potentially harm your business.


Retail locations, particularly those in the food service location, are a familiar target for rodent infestation. As a known disease carrier, mice and rats are capable of causing irreparable damage to your business’s reputation if patrons or guests become ill due to exposure. To identify the presence of these pests, business owners should look for damaged product packaging, droppings, grease lines along floors or walls and partially eaten foods.


If a patron sees a cockroach in your establishment, they aren’t likely to return and often will have no qualms telling others about what they have seen. Even worse, a visit from a health inspector can result in costly losses as the business is shut down for extermination services. Cockroach infestations can often be identified by the presence of small, dark droppings, ootheca or egg sacs, live cockroaches or the evidence of a nest.


Pests birds can cause very particular problems for businesses, including damage from their corrosive droppings, transmission of diseases and damage to the structure itself when they begin to roost. Many species of bird are protected by law, making bird exclusion by a professional critical for business owners that don’t want to face legal penalties. If you are seeing an increase in the number of birds frequenting your location, an increase in bird droppings on the sidewalk or building itself or have started to have birds congregating around your trash or food areas, it may be time to call a professional.

Pied Piper Services for Commercial Pest Control

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