5 Tips to Protect Your Lawn During Fall

With the onset of winter just around the corner, it is more important than ever for homeowners and business owners to ensure that their lawn is prepared. Well-timed care in the fall can not only protect the hard work that has been put into your yard throughout the year but is also often the best way to ensure a healthy and thick lawn during the spring. For homeowners or business owners that want to ensure their landscaping remains great the following year, here at 5 tips to help protect your lawn during the fall and set the stage for green grass during the spring and summer.

1. Continue Mowing Purposefully

Grass will often continue growing until the first hard frost, although it may visibly slow. For ideal results, it is important to keep grass between 2 ½“ and 3” in height throughout the fall months. Any longer and the grass will be vulnerable to fungi or snow mold. However, if the grass is cut any shorter than this, the root system will be curtailed – impeding the ability of the lawn to withstand upcoming cold and dry conditions. Continuing to mow can also transform leaves that are killing your lawn into soil-enhancing mulch. For more information, you can find more tips on your garden today.

2. Properly Remove Leaves

Fallen piles of leaves may be fun to play in. But, once they become wet, they will often start killing the grass that is hidden underneath them. Once leaves are falling, it is important to rake them or remove them with a leaf blower as often as possible. Even when trees drop their final leaves, it is important to rake them in the areas they pile up and dispose of them properly. While this may seem like a time-consuming process, it is critical for ensuring that your grass remains healthy during the fall and continues to look great in the spring. While there are more than 5 tips to protect your lawn during fall, it's essential to take proactive action year round.

3. Focus on Spreading Seeds

Most people know that the best way to crowd out weeds is to focus on making their lawn as lush and full as possible. Unfortunately, many homeowners and business owners make the mistake of broadcasting seed over their established lawn, expecting them to take hold quickly. Realistically, these seeds need full contact with soil, must be kept moist until germination occurs and should be established enough to survive upcoming cold temperatures. Working with a professional lawn care provider is often the best way to ensure seed is spread properly and at the right times for the best results.

4. Use High-Quality Fertilizer

Using a high-quality fertilizer introduces nitrogen to a lawn to help produce chlorophyll and plant sugars that protect roots from freezing temperatures and provides energy to help grass restore itself once spring arrives. Fertilizers that contain potassium can also help aid in root growth, cold resistance, disease protection and much more. For homeowners or business owners that are struggling to find the perfect fertilizer for their unique needs, a soil test can help determine what nutrients the lawn is missing and ensure the best solution is being used.

5. Create a Schedule

The best way to protect your lawn during fall is to ensure that you are following recommended treatments at the right time. Although this may be a job best left to a professional lawn care provider, it is not impossible for homeowners or business owners that want to take the time to care for their own yard – albeit a time-consuming process. Delegating some of your most challenging lawn tasks to a pro during the fall can ensure that your landscaping gets treatments exactly when it should and will help ensure that you are enjoying a full carpet of green grass next year.

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