Acrobat Ants Ready to Infest Homes; Ant Control Prevention Methods and Tips in Broken Arrow, OK

Ant Control Prevention Methods and Tips in Broken Arrow, OK With the arrival of spring, many homeowners in Broken Arrow may be seeing an increased amount of exploring ants inside of their homes. One ant, in particular, the acrobat ant, will often find its way into homes that have wood previously damaged by termite or carpenter ant activity. Acrobat ants are known for their unique habit of raising their abdomen above their heads, especially when they are disturbed.

Several species of acrobat ants have been identified in the United States. These small ants have a heart-shaped abdomen when viewed from above and typically measure less than 5.5 millimeters in length, making them a small ant species. If disturbed, it is not uncommon for acrobat ants to emit an unpleasant odor to deter predators or unwanted contact.

Examining the Habits of Acrobat Ants

When found outdoors, acrobat ants can usually be found in locations that feature heavy moisture content. Typical nesting areas include rotting logs, woodpiles, tree stumps and under the cover of stones. However, these ants can still make their way into your home.

To successfully nest inside of a home, acrobat ants will need to achieve the same moisture content they can find outside. For this reason, they will often be found behind siding in foam sheathing. For Muskogee homes that have received termite or carpenter ant damage, acrobat ants may also be a common invader.

It is not uncommon for acrobat ants to utilize galleries other insects have made in previously damaged wood. In some cases, homeowners may mistake this activity for an active termite infestation as the ants expel the dirt and wood scraps. However, acrobat ants do not eat the wood and have a diet consisting primarily of other insects and honeydew.

Utilizing Ant Control Prevention Methods in Broken Arrow, OK

Before an ant colony can be successfully eliminated, it is important to remove any moisture problems in the home they may be thriving on. The most obvious sign of an acrobat ant, or any other ant, infestation is the visual evidence of ants moving in a trail. This can often help determine both the feeding and nest locations inside of your home.

Removing any potential entry points ants may use to access your home is also very important in maintaining an ant-free home. Caulking around pipes and in any foundational cracks will ensure the chances of an ant infestation are minimized. However, determining the location of an acrobat ant nest can be very difficult because they use existing termite galleries for shelter. For this reason, homeowners are encouraged to seek professional pest control services to treat acrobat ant infestations.

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