Ants Invade Local Homes and Businesses; Ant Control and Prevention in Glenpool, OK

Ants Invade Oklahoma Homes and BusinessesOklahoma residents are no stranger to wild weather patterns. Unfortunately, these weather patterns make this region of the United States particularly inviting to a wide variety of ant species. Without necessary prevention methods in place, many homes and businesses across Oklahoma will likely see ants invading their property following periods of rain or drought.

When either of these weather periods is present, ants will begin invading homes for different reasons. Following periods of rain, ants will generally invade homes in search of shelter because their original colony may have been flooded. In periods of drought, they will usually be searching for water and food sources to sustain their colony.

Preventing Ant Invasions at Your Home or Business

There are many different ways an ant population can make their way into your Oklahoma home or business. Because ants are so small, they can often utilize the smallest cracks into your home to begin growing their population numbers. For this reason, following these exclusion steps is critical:

  • Seal Entryways – Ants are adept at finding small entrances that give them access your home or business from cracks in windows, cracks in doors and cracks in the home’s foundation. It is important to seal any potential entryways your find with caulk or another appropriate sealant. By doing so, their chances of finding their way into your home or business is greatly minimized.
  • Remove Food Sources – Ants are scavengers and the smallest crumb or drop of liquid can be a welcome find for the entire colony. To minimize the risk of these pests coming into your home or business, it is important to regularly remove food sources they may have access to. Regular cleaning and proper food storage will help discourage these pests from invading.
  • Repair Leaks – Like all other pests, ants need an adequate supply of water to ensure the continued survival of their colony. To prevent their access to water, it is important to check your sinks and other appliances for any water leaks that may exist. By limiting the water access these pests have, you will be less likely to experience an invasion.

Pied Piper Services for Ant Control

Once ants have established a colony in your home or business they can be incredibly difficult to get rid of without the assistance of a pest control professional. The experts at The Pied Piper have the knowledge, skills and equipment needed to ensure your ant problem doesn’t continue. If you need help removing ants, contact us today!

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