Pied Piper Enhances Bed Bug Control with Aprehend®

Pied Piper Enhances Bed Bug Control with Aprehend®It seems like no home or business are safe from the threat of bed bug infestation anymore as these prolific pests begin expanding their dominance in a variety of residential and commercial structures. These bloodsucking pests have started to develop a resistance to traditional pyrethroids and other insecticides commonly used by pest management professionals, leading new and innovative treatment options to be developed. To help accommodate this growing need, Pied Piper Services is now the first bed bug control specialist in Oklahoma to provide Aprehend® treatments.

Bed Bug Control with Aprehend®

Composed of Beauveria bassiana fungal spores, Aprehend® is a non-toxic biopesticide that is designed to kill bed bugs in all stages of life within four to ten days after exposure. Extensive research has found that as bed bugs cross treated surfaces, the fungal spores in the formula become attached to their body where they are returned to nesting areas. Within 20 hours, these spores germinate, penetrate the cuticle of the bed bug and then colonize inside of their exoskeleton to kill them.

As a long-term bed bug control option Aprehend® adheres to surfaces to provide three months of continuous protection from bed bug infestations that can be applied quarterly for continuous protection. This makes it not only incredibly effective in homes and multi-family housing units, but also commercial structures such as hotels and libraries that are susceptible to traveling bed bugs. As the first and only preventative bed bug control treatment option, Aprehend® can help limit the potential for lawsuits as well as preserve the reputation of businesses.

Because it is a non-toxic biopesticide, Aprehend® is not harmful to humans or animals, yet remains incredibly effective at preventing bed bug infestations or eliminating existing bed bug populations. Unlike traditional insecticide treatments, only one application is required to treat existing infestations. This means that you will be able to spend less time worrying about service calls and focus on eliminating your bed bug problems faster.

Pied Piper Services for Bed Bug Control

If you have brought home bed bugs from a previous vacation, it is important to utilize the services of a pest control company to rid your home of these elusive pests. Pied Piper Services has the equipment and knowledge needed to ensure your home returns to normal following a bed bug infestation. Give the experts at The Pied Piper a call to get started with effective bed bug control!

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