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We strongly suggest having a quarterly Bed Bug Maintenance Service in place after your initial Bed Bug treatment(s) are completed.

Bed Bug Maintenance Service

No location is safe from a potential infestation of bed bugs anymore and even the most expensive hotel chain could be housing these secretive pests. For this reason, it is important to practice bed bug prevention at all times. While under our Bed Bug Maintenance Service - If Bed Bugs return, so do we - No Charge!

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DISCLAIMER: Pricing and frequency of service subject to change upon inspection of property. Price only available within the Pied Piper service area. Additional fees or sales tax may apply.

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Bed Bug Control

Because bed bugs are nocturnal and very small, identification of this pest can be hard for the untrained eye. Travel and vacation habits make bed bug problems more likely to occur. Although they are not affected by seasonal changes, bed bugs are more likely to hitch a ride on "someone" or "something" right into your home. Fortunately, there are ways Pied Piper can help control & prevent bed bug infestations - here`s how we can help:

  • Pied Piper will customize a treatment plan for your needs to quickly and safely control bed bugs from your home or business.
  • If bed bugs are found within the next 30 days, Pied Piper will perform further treatment at no additional cost to you.
  • Including - Installation of Mattress & Box Spring encasements to preserve and protect your "comfort zone!"
  • Including - Two follow up inspection/treatments within 10 - 14 days of initial service to ensure bed bugs are under control - an additional layer of protection providing you "peace of mind!"

Service will include:

  • Customer Preparation documents in advance of treatment.
  • Technician introduction and explanation of service to be provided.
  • Inspection and identifying locations of infestations.
  • Develop and implement treatment plan.
  • Provide precision treatments for "quick reduction" of bed bugs.
  • Installation of Mattress and Box Spring encasement.
  • Provide written documentation of warranty, service provided, materials applied and helpful bed bug prevention tips.
  • Review and planning for follow up inspection/treatments will be provided within 7 - 10 days & 21 - 28 days of initial visit.

Please fill out all the fields below so we can estimate your custom Bed Bug Control plan. All areas are included in our program. If you don't have an area, select N/A. Once these are completed your estimated price will appear below.

If your home has 6 or more bedrooms, an on site inspection is required. Online pricing is not available. Please call us at 888-737-8943 to schedule an inspection.