Eco Friendly

Eco-friendly Pest Control

Eco-friendly Pest Control Solutions

Green Solutions – emphasize non-chemical pest control techniques like sanitation and structural maintenance to help prevent pest infestations before they start.

Pied Piper offers a full lineup of environmentally friendly treatments and materials that uphold the highest environmental standards.

As stated in about our company, Pied Piper is committed to 100% customer satisfaction, and using eco-friendly treatment methods is just one of the ways that we accomplish this.

Whether our customers want to maintain Organic Programs, improve food safety, decrease toxic risks to family members, employees and guests, or be a friend to nature, our Green Solutions approach works for everyone and for all kinds of homes and business.

Pied Piper trains our pest specialists in the best and most modern way and continues training on the latest technology to learn proper product application. When chemical treatments are needed, your specialist can apply our eco-friendly products in targeted amounts and in areas to combat specific pest infestations so you’ll get results, not repercussions.

Pied Piper also offers signature materials that are approved by the USDA for use in all food handling areas and organic facilities.

Green Materials Used

Green Pest Products on TruckGreen Solutions materials use the latest biotechnology to break down grease and grime and are one of the only natural materials awarded by the EPA as a reducer of indoor air pollution and carbon foot print. Pied Piper uses materials that are an organic, non-corrosive and non-pathogenic product that penetrates even the smallest cracks and crevices in all kinds of flooring. Green Solutions natural materials are one of the best pest prevention products in the market place that reduces pest breeding and harborage sites.

Green Solutions materials are designated by the EPA as “minimum-risk” products for food safety, humans or the environment and are exempt from EPA registration.

Green Solutions approach is university, lab and field tested for proven quick knockdown kills for both the interior and exterior of your facility. Our products are unscented or mild in fragrance and are consistent with green standards for property management.