Getting Rid of Disease Spreading Mice in Tahlequah OK; Call Pied Piper Services for Professional House Mouse & Rodent Control!

Getting Rid of Disease Spreading Mice in Tahlequah OKOne of the most common and annoying rodents that homeowners will come into contact with is the house mouse. Mice are excellent scavengers and have become successful at gaining access into homes and apartments as well as restaurants and other places of business. Although mice may look adorable from a distance, do not let their furry small disposition fool you. Mice have the ability to destroy your home in many ways, and in many instances they go unnoticed until an rodent infestation has formed within the walls of your home. Mice are also extremely sneaky and great at discovering places to hide in and around your home.

Why do I Have Mice in My House?

You may think that your home is sealed up pretty tight and that a mouse would have no way of crawling inside or gaining access. However, you must take into consideration the ability mice have to fit through the smallest crack or crevice they can find. A mouse will inspect the entire perimeter of your home until they discover a location that grants them entry. Once inside of your home, a mouse and any of their friends they bring with them, will immediately begin searching for a reliable food and water source. This usually ends up being in the kitchen or bathroom. Many homeowners have been surprised by a mouse while showering; that is an experience no one wants to have!

Do House Mice Have Diseases?

This time of the year is popular for mice to invade homes due to the cooler temperatures that are outside. A mouse will seek warmth and shelter from the cold temperatures by getting into your home. Mice will use plumbing voids as well as circulation vents to travel and explore your home. When mice do this, they spread dangerous bacteria from their feces, urine and hair all around your home. If you or your family comes into contact with these harmful materials it can cause respiratory illnesses and other sicknesses.

Can Mice & Rodents Cause Damage to Your Home, Drywall and Electrical Wires?

Not only do mice spread bacteria and disease around your home, but they can also damage the structural integrity of your home by chewing through drywall and electrical wires. Mice can reproduce at an extremely rapid rate which makes the chances of an infestation even higher once they have gained access into your home. If you suspect that there are mice in or around your home, contact Pied Piper Services today.

Pied Piper Services technicians are skilled and experienced when it comes to removing mice from your home. Call us to schedule an appointment in Tulsa and Oklahoma. We have Pest Management Branch Offices in Cushing, Muskogee, Tahlequah, Okmulgee, Wilburton & McAlester OK | Fort Worth, Midlothian & Duncanville, TX today!

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