How to Avoid Bed Bugs

Bed bugs. The name alone might be enough to send shivers down your spine. Although, probably for a good reason. According to the Bugs Without Borders 2018 survey, pest control professionals were contacted for bed bug services more than almost any other pest, including the common cockroach. With so many people worried about bed bugs, it’s more important than ever to ensure your home or business is protected from these prolific pests, particularly since they are so hard to get rid of. Here are 5 things you can do now to avoid bed bugs.

1. Know the Signs of Bed Bugs

Even from their first arrival in a home or business, bed bugs will often begin leaving distinct signs of their presence around mattresses, wall outlets, bed frames and even behind picture frames or clocks. One of the most common signs of their presence is the casings and feces that they leave being that look like dark red or copper-colored smears on sheets or pillowcases. For more information on the signs of bed bugs, we encourage you to learn more on our blog.

2. Travel Smart

Most bed bug infestations start in a rental home or hotel that is used by different strangers for various intervals of time. As a business, getting a bed bug infestation can be incredibly detrimental if they are able to spread to multiple rooms. However, the risk of bringing bed bugs home is just as great for travelers. Take the time to inspect the mattress and room for signs of bed bugs before bringing your luggage in or getting settled. If you find signs of bed bugs, immediately ask for a different room and explain the situation.

3. Avoid Secondhand Furniture

While secondhand furniture may be a great way to fill your home or business affordably, the potential bed bug infestation that could come with these pieces may make the cost outweigh the benefits. Still, if you want to use this secondhand furniture, it is important to inspect it thoroughly before bringing it indoors to avoid giving bed bugs a new home or a free meal. Even if you don’t see signs of bed bugs on the secondhand furniture you are taking, it may still be beneficial to treat it with an approved bed bug treatment option.

4. Keep Your Home or Business Organized

Like any other pests that pest control professionals might deal with, bed bugs can also be incredibly difficult to control in cluttered or messy areas. If your home or business isn’t looking as clean as it could and you have items scattered around, take the time to clean it up. If you do have a pest problem, your pest control provider will thank you for taking the time to make it easier to provide more thorough and effective services. In fact, if it is too cluttered, some pest control providers won’t even offer services.

5. Work with Pied Piper Services for Bed Bug Control

If you have brought home bed bugs from a previous vacation or these blood-sucking pests have overrun your business, it is important to utilize the services of a pest control company to rid your home of these elusive pests. Pied Piper Services has the equipment and knowledge needed to ensure your home returns to normal following a bed bug infestation. Give the experts at The Pied Piper a call to get started!

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