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How to Get Rid of Scorpions in Fort Worth TX?One of the most feared insects that can gain access into your home is the ever intimidating scorpion. Scorpions are known for their vicious looking stinger and their claw like legs. Scorpions come in many different sizes and species, all of which are great at hiding from humans and within the walls of your home. Scorpions typically travel alone and can hide in areas like the kitchen at nighttime or even your favorite pair of shoes. Many people have experienced the sting of a scorpion by slipping on their favorite pair of sneakers unaware that a scorpion was hiding out in there.

Natural Scorpion Control … Are Chickens the Answer?

Scorpions are great scavengers and enjoy dry areas; however, they often make their way into homes as well. Some people have gone to extremes to keep scorpions off of their property and away from their homes. One strategy that will not fit into most family lifestyles is to purchase a chicken. Yes an actual clucking chicken. Chickens eat scorpions, so some homeowners have purchased a chicken to cluck around their property and eat any sign of scorpions right up. Unfortunately, chickens do not make great house pets, so keeping scorpions from crawling around your kitchen or closet cannot always easily and practically be remedied by a chicken!

Scorpions Diet & Habitat. Your Fort Worth TX House is Ideal!

Some homeowners have found scorpions crawling across their kitchen floor as they switch the light on first thing in the morning. Scorpions will eat any crumbs that are left behind, so be sure to thoroughly sweep up after every meal. Not only will this deter scorpions from being in your kitchen, but other insects as well. While most of the scorpions we see on television are quite large, they can also be very small and fit through the smallest cracks to gain access into your home.

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Once inside of your home, a scorpion will begin searching for food and water. Scorpions are often found in showers, and it is usually not a convenient time to discover a scorpion either. Scorpions are most active during the warmer times of the year, but have been found crawling around homes in the winter as well. Your home is very inviting to a scorpion when the weather outside is frightful. Scorpions can survive extreme temperatures up to 122 degrees and as cold as 13 below zero. If you are experiencing an increased presence of scorpions in or around your home, contact Pied Piper Services immediately. Our technicians specialize in the removal and elimination of scorpions from your home. Keep you and your family safe from the painful sting of scorpions by hiring Pied Piper Services today!

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