How to Prevent Paper Wasps from Building Nests in Okmulgee, OK; Stinging Insect & Nest Removals

How to Prevent Paper Wasps from Building Nests in Okmulgee, OKAre wasps giving you trouble? Pied Piper Services has a few tips on preventing and or controlling paper wasps which are a common species of wasps here in Oklahoma and Texas. Wasps can be a benefit and if possible, it’s good to try to coincide peacefully with them. They are a predatory insect that feeds on a lot of garden pests and other harmful insects. When winter sets in, the queen will find a place to hibernate and the rest of the colony will die from the cold. However, during the summer, paper wasps do have a tendency to nest a little closer than most people would like. For those with allergies to stings, this can definitely become a problem.

Paper Wasp Identification & Aggression

A paper wasp is easy enough to identify by their nest. You will usually find on the building a papery looking nest off the ground and in high places. Each year about spring time a paper wasp queen will fly out in search of a place to build the first stages of her nest. The queens start the nest by providing a place to lay her first set of offspring. The first generation is born to serve as workers, expanding the nest to increase the size of the colony. Once established the nest can reach up to 6 – 8 inches in size. The paper wasp isn’t nearly as aggressive as other species like yellow jackets or hornets. Paper wasps only attack if they feel if their nest is threatened. However their stings can be quite painful and even have a potentially fatal anaphylactic shock reaction for some people making their presences a hazard.

Paper Wasp Nest Prevention

The best start in paper wasp control is preventing a wasp colony near you and your home. The beginning of spring is when you should start looking for signs that a queen building her nest. Check eaves, shutters, and other high places. If your yard is a popular hangout spot, be sure to do a sweep of those high traffic areas as well. If you see signs of a queen in the first stages of building her nest, knock it down with a broom. You may need to do it more then once to discourage the queen from wanting to build her nest in that area.

Paper Wasp Control & Nest Removal

If it’s later in the summer and you found a large nest, do not use a broom. You will have a whole colony of angry wasps defending the nest if you do. It’s time to call in the professionals. Pied Piper Services strongly advice against DIY chemical pesticides as the nest needs to be completely saturated. The soldier wasps will attack to protect their queen and nest. For those who have allergies or children, or where having wasps hanging around is not an option, Pied Piper Services is here to help you prevent an unwanted colony of paper wasps. Contact us for all your pest control needs.

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