This Invasive Plant Is Taking Over Oklahoma Yards

Henbit Is Taking Over Oklahoma YardsHenbit can take over your Oklahoma yard, and dot pristine, manicured turf with its purple façade.

What is a Henbit?

Though it may be a member of the mint family, don’t let the tiny, violet flowers fool you. Weed science societies across the United States list henbit as an invasive species.

This weed is commonly seen in yards, fields and along roads and highways.

Henbit, or Lamium amplexicaule, has petal-like leaves and sometimes begins growing during the warm spells of an Oklahoma winter. The flowers bloom during the spring. If you look closely, the weed appears to be furry.

Sometimes the weed can die off in the heat of the summer, but why deal with henbit multiplying through your grass during the fall, winter and spring?

Pied Piper Pest, Termite & Lawn Service has identified henbit in yards they have serviced in Eufaula, OK. This weed is of the broadleaf variety and can be difficult to control.

Henbit grows at a rapid rate, reaching 6-12 inches tall, and is not a native species to North America. lists henbit as a troublesome or common weed in the state of Oklahoma.


Don’t let this weed overgrow your Eufaula yard. Call Pied Piper Services today to rid your yard of the henbit headache.

Pied Piper Services specializes in weed control and lawn fertilization and makes sure henbit stays out of your yard and away from fence lines.

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