Is Fall Pest Control Necessary?

At Pied Piper Services, our team is committed to not only ensuring our customers have the most beautiful lawn possible year-round but also ensuring that their outdoor spaces are not contributing to pest problems that can come indoors as temperatures begin to drop. Whether you own commercial property or want to ensure your home does not become the next target of pest infestation, maintaining fall pest control program that reduces bugs or encourages them to move elsewhere is important for protecting your landscaping and ensuring your home or business does not become a bed and breakfast for common fall pests. Fortunately, maintaining a pest-free lawn and interior is not a challenge when you partner with an expert for routine lawn care and pest control treatments. 

Many bugs and burrowing pests remain active throughout the fall months as they attempt to enter homes or businesses or burrow deeper into the ground to find warmth. Bugs and rodents should not be the only concern for homeowners or business owners since some other nuisance pests that become more active during the autumnal season include possums, raccoons, squirrels and other wildlife that are preparing for the upcoming winter. This can not only create an unsafe environment but can lead to legal challenges if wildlife removal is not done by a licensed pest control provider. But what other unique factors contribute to the need for fall pest control and when should you contact a professional? Here are the key considerations you need to keep in mind when making that decision. 


Fall Pest Prevention Strategies 

While it is important to prepare your home or business for the arrival of fall pests, certain geographical areas may require more dedication or attention for pest prevention strategies to remain effective. This is even more important if the structure or surrounding landscape has had previous infestations that could signify a greater risk for future infestations. While many different fall pest prevention strategies can help indoors, it is important to not neglect outdoor pest prevention strategies to further create a barrier around your home or business.

1. Improve Sanitation Efforts

Businesses that have dumpsters are often no stranger to wildlife or other pests that frequent the area for a quick meal; however, this same problem can occur in residential areas if proper sanitation efforts have not been made. No matter what type of location you are excluding pests from, it is important to ensure that your sanitation efforts are accounted for to ensure pests are not receiving an easy meal. In many cases, these problems can be mitigated by moving outdoors garbage bins away from the home or business and investing in “locking” lids that are designed to keep pests, raccoons and other wildlife out.

2. Change Your Existing Habits

Though many homeowners and business owners do not realize it, their habits could be making their structure and outdoor areas more accommodating to a wide variety of pests. Unfortunately, when colder weather arrives, they will often move indoors because it is accessible and the internal environment meets their basic needs. When you store firewood near your home or improperly store foods, you are unintentionally inviting ants and/or termites into your home or business. As a result, these pests start to feast on your siding, internal framing, etc. leading to an expensive amount of repairs. Changing your existing habits is an important part of ensuring any fall pest control plan remains effective.

3. Remember Your Foundation

When colder weather starts to arrive, it is not uncommon for the foundation of a home or business to shift and create high-moisture environments that are extremely beneficial for wood-damaging pests like termites or ants. Even worse, these same factors could create mold hazards that also attract pests and culture bacteria that could enter your home or business without your knowledge. Taking the time to inspect your foundation, repair problems that may be occurring, and investing in proven fall pest control techniques can help limit the chances of your home or business from becoming a pest hangout throughout the fall and winter months. 


Do Not Neglect Your Landscaping!

Does your landscaping contribute to pest problems? Pied Piper Services provides landscaping and pest control services that work in conjunction to control pest pressure and make your lawn the talk of the neighborhood. Whether you have a home or business, our team has the knowledge and resources to help. All it takes to get started is a phone call!

When Is Professional Pest Control Needed? 

Every home or business that struggles with pests annually should already be investing in preventative fall pest control treatments; however, new problems can occur in new locations at any time. Any homeowner or business owner that is starting to see new pests that were not previously a problem should contact a pest control professional to learn what treatment options may be needed and get the support required to stay pest-free not only in the fall months but also year-round. At Pied Piper Services we utilize cutting-edge technologies that reduce pests fast and provide expert monitoring to ensure new pest problems are found and treated quickly. 

Pest problems will not resolve themselves without intervention and no two pest infestations are the same. For this reason, homeowners and business owners need to remain vigilant in watching for signs both indoors and outdoors that pests are present and must actively reach out to professionals that can control any pests that may be present. To help make the process simple, Pied Piper provides specialized, customized treatments for a variety of common pests as well as landscaping services that can help reduce common pest havens while making your yard beautiful – no matter what season it may be. 


Pied Piper Services for Pest Control

You do not have to let pests take over your home or business during the fall months! The experts at Pied Piper Services has the equipment and training necessary to help bring peace back to your structure or landscape with effective commercial pest control or residential pest control services. If you suspect your home has a pest problem, contact us today to learn how we can help! 

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