Lawn Weed Treatment & Fertilizer Service Overview

According to the National Association of Landscape Professionals, nearly 74% of Americans believe they know how to care for their lawn each season. However, a staggering 69% of people still believe that their lawn could use improvement. The need for guaranteed lawn weed treatment and fertilizer services has never been greater as more American’s strive to have a Pinterest-worthy lawn each year. If you need help restoring the beauty of your landscaping, the team at Pied Piper Services is here to help you achieve the best lawn on the block.


Pied Piper Services offers season-based lawn weed treatment and fertilizer services through a 5 Star Program to ensure any lawn looks its best all year long. To ensure complete satisfaction and transparency, Pied Piper Services provides overview documentation after each treatment. So, even though the homeowner or business owner may not be on-site during the visit, they will still have a clear understanding of who provided the service, what was done, and any recommendations based on what was witnessed during the visit. But what exactly is included with the 5 Star Program?

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5 Star Program

Winter Season


December - March

While weeds are most often associated with the summer seasons, winter and spring broadleaf weeds are a common problem in Oklahoma and can make an otherwise dormant lawn look even less flattering. To help control these weeds, Pied Piper Services provides pre and post-emergent herbicide applications throughout December and March.  These applications are critical for laying a foundation for any lawn during the upcoming spring season.

Spring Season


February - April

Before spring arrives, it is important to limit the chances that broadleaf and grassy weeds have to germinate through the use of a pre-emergent herbicide. When paired with a liquid fertilizer treatment, healthy grass will have the support it needs to crowd out potential weeds at the ground level.  Since weeds grow faster than grass, a great weed control plan reduces the amount of time spent mowing while also eliminating ozone emissions created by burning gas.

Summer Season


May - June

Throughout the remainder of the spring season, visible weeds may still try to peek through a healthy lawn even after other treatments have been applied. To help reduce these weeds and control them quickly, Pied Piper Services applies a post-emergent herbicide. At this time, a liquid fertilizer will also be applied to include an additive designed for reducing lawn fleas and ticks.

Summer Season


June - September

Throughout late spring and summer, weeds will continue to grow due to the prolonged periods of rain that Oklahoma generally has. In an effort to continue to control these weeds and keep your lawn as healthy as possible, Pied Piper Services will continue to apply post-emergent to control visible weeds while continuing to fertilize the lawn with a liquid-based treatment that contains additives to minimize populations of fleas and ticks.

Fall Season


September - November

As the year comes to a close, preparing for winter weeds while continuing to control the final weeds of the spring and summer seasons is crucial for a healthy lawn during the colder months. To help lawns stay beautiful year-round, Pied Piper Services will apply a pre-emergent herbicide designed to reduce winter broadleaf weeds that can grow in the upcoming months.

Why Pied Piper Services for Lawn Weed Treatment and Fertilizer?

Pied Piper Services can help you identify the weeds and provide a solution that will prevent and eradicate the problem, as well as fertilize your lawn. It is important to find a solution that will control a variety of weeds without killing or creating brown spots in your lawn. Call Pied Piper Services today to minimize your mow time, and increase your family time.

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Our technicians are skilled and experienced in working with all types of grass and will ensure that your lawn is receiving the best treatment for its specific needs during each and every service visit.

Get to know the different types of weeds that can usually be found in your lawn and other areas. Our weed identification guide shows pictures and tips on how to manage or control their growth.