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We strongly suggest having a quarterly Bed Bug Maintenance Service in place after your initial Bed Bug treatment(s) are completed.

Bed Bug Maintenance Service

No location is safe from a potential infestation of bed bugs anymore and even the most expensive hotel chain could be housing these secretive pests. For this reason, it is important to practice bed bug prevention at all times. While under our Bed Bug Maintenance Service - If Bed Bugs return, so do we - No Charge!

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DISCLAIMER: Pricing and frequency of service subject to change upon inspection of property. Price only available within the Pied Piper service area. Additional fees or sales tax may apply.
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Bed Bug Control in Wilburton, OK

In Wilburton, OK, the issue of bed bug infestations is exacerbated by their nocturnal behavior and diminutive size, rendering them challenging for untrained individuals to detect. Furthermore, travel and vacation practices heighten the likelihood of encountering these pests, as bed bugs are notorious for hitchhiking. Irrespective of the season, they can effortlessly infiltrate your abode by attaching themselves to a person or object. Fortunately, Pied Piper possesses the proficiency to aid you in managing and averting bed bug infestations. The following outlines how we can effectuate a positive impact in Wilburton, OK.

  • Customized Treatment Plan: Pied Piper Services in Wilburton, OK tailors a treatment plan to your specific needs, swiftly and safely with controlling bed bugs within your home or business.
  • 30-Day Guarantee: If bed bugs reappear within the next 30 days, Pied Piper Services in Wilburton, OK will conduct additional treatments at no extra cost to you.
  • Protective Measures: We include the installation of mattress and box spring encasements to safeguard and preserve your comfort.
  • Comprehensive Follow-up: As part of our service, we offer two follow-up inspections and treatments within 10 to 14 days after the initial service to ensure that bed bugs are effectively controlled, providing you with added peace of mind.

Service will include:

  • Customer Preparation Guidelines: We will provide you with essential documents outlining necessary preparations before the treatment begins.
  • Technician Introduction and Service Explanation: Our technician will introduce themselves and thoroughly explain the services they will be performing.
  • Inspection and Infestation Identification: We will conduct a detailed inspection to identify the areas affected by bed bug infestations.
  • Treatment Plan Development and Implementation: We will create a customized treatment plan and put it into action.
  • Precise Bed Bug Treatments: Our treatments are precisely designed for swift and effective bed bug reduction.
  • Mattress and Box Spring Protection: We'll install encasements to protect your mattress and box spring.
  • Comprehensive Documentation: You'll receive written documentation covering warranty details, services rendered, materials used, and valuable bed bug prevention tips.
  • Follow-up Inspection and Planning: We'll schedule follow-up inspections and treatments within 7-10 days and 21-28 days after the initial visit to ensure continued effectiveness.

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If your home has 6 or more bedrooms, an on site inspection is required. Online pricing is not available. Please call us at 888-737-8943 to schedule an inspection.

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