Our Process and Technology

Pied Piper Services has always committed to pioneering new technologies and processes that can help make the pest control industry more effective and safer for everyone, regardless of what their needs may be. Our willingness to adapt to new technologies and determine their effectiveness has allowed our company to provide the services that our customers not only expect but deserve. But what is our process and what technology do we use to ensure the best experience possible? 

Many pest control companies only provide outside treatments for their clients and may be missing out on the ability to actually treat the problem they were called to. Whether for convenience or the ability to schedule appointments more easily, customers may not know what services they are receiving or even a validation that services were completedAt Pied Piper Services, we recognized this problem and decided to update our processes and technology to give our customers this information and more to improve the experience that they have throughout the process. 

Regulatory agencies require pest control companies to specify when treatments were applied, where they were applied, and how much product was applied at each application site. This can be as detailed as the specific rooms that were treated and what areas within them. If this information is being passed onto regulatory agencies, why shouldn’t you have access to it as well? After all, you are the one paying for the service to be completed, not the regulatory agencies. 

A Better Way to Provide Pest Control 

To improve the process, Pied Piper Services avoids handwritten receipts that are subject to human error. Instead, our team opts to combine our services with the power of modern mobile software applications. This allows us to not only improve reporting but provide the best service possible to our customers using modern treatment options and reporting technologies. But as a consumer, you may be wondering how this improved technology can benefit you. 

GPS tracking is installed in each of our vehicles to match the address of the customer as well as timestamps that show when the service begins and ends. In addition to this information, Pied Piper Services also logs what chemicals are used, the quantities of chemicals used, detailed notes that include text and pictures as well as a log of inspection results. All of this information is then compiled into an easy to read report that is sent to the customer to ensure they know exactly what was done during the service call. 

As homeowners ourselves, we go through all the work to determine what we think should be part of a reliable pest control experience from an experienced and professional pest control expert. There is no benefit to providing a receipt that is not legible or just has chicken scratch that does not make sense. Part of a great pest control experience is ensuring that you have detailed notes that give you peace of mind and let you know that you are getting the exact service that you paid for. 

At Pied Piper Services, we also stay on the cutting edge of technology to ensure that we are constantly working towards goals consistent with protecting our customer’s assets while also providing services that they deserve. How could we provide a great quality of service without these systems in place? Through this level of tracking, we can predict if a pest may return while also saving your money by not treating when the pest isn’t present. 

Pied Piper Services for Pest Control 

You don’t have to let pests take over your home or business! The experts at Pied Piper Services has the equipment and training necessary to help bring peace back to your structure or landscape with effective commercial pest control or residential pest control services. If you suspect your home has a pest problem, contact us today to learn how we can help! 

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