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At any time, we are all potentially surrounded by microbes, bacteria, viruses, infectious diseases, or any other pathogens that could negatively impact our health if they aren’t eliminated with the proper treatments. Now, more than ever, we are seeing why taking the appropriate precautions to properly disinfect our facilities and other commercial locations is important. By following CDC guidelines and providing the right treatments, we can keep employees and the customers they interact with safe while also eliminating the spread of not only common illnesses but also emerging threats like COVID-19.

As a licensed service provider, Pied Piper now provides disinfecting services designed to disinfect, reduce or mitigate the growth and development of microbiological organisms or protect inanimate objects, industrial processes or systems, surfaces, water, or other chemical substances from contamination, fouling, or deterioration caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoa, algae, or slime. All treatments provided in our disinfecting service are compliant with standards set forth by the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture for Category 13 – Antimicrobial classifications. However, there is no current testing that exists to ensure the total elimination of the coronavirus (COVID-19).

How is Pied Piper different from other companies?

How Does the Disinfecting Service Work?

Once services have been requested, the team at Pied Piper Services will visit a commercial location to apply approved treatment materials to kill germs, bacteria and viruses that may be present. This could potentially include much more detrimental viruses such as H1N1, E. Coli, Swine Flu or COVID-19. Pied Piper Services is fully trained and equipped to provide disinfection services through the use of touchpoint cleaning for targeted areas as well as ULV (ultra-low volume) and fogging treatments for broader applications.

All disinfecting materials used by Pied Piper Services are approved by the EPA and FDA and are also biodegradable, non-irritating to the skin or hypoallergenic. Our team understands the importance of safety during these uncertain times so our cleaning materials produce no harsh smell while remaining usable around those with allergies, immune deficiencies or asthma as well as children or the elderly. In many cases, a treated commercial location is ready to be occupied by staff or customers in as little as 30 minutes after the disinfecting service has been completed.

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Who Are Disinfection Services For?

While any commercial or public location can benefit from the disinfection services that Pied Piper provides, many at-risk industries should actively seek out these types of services to limit the spread of these invisible threats. Some of the at-risk industries that would benefit from disinfection services include educational facilities, daycares, hotels, non-food retail locations, office environments, public transportation centers or vehicles, restaurants, theaters, or any other corporate location that has a large employee or customer presence at any given time.

As a precautionary service, disinfection may help reduce the spread of viruses like COVID-19 before a case occurs or may be necessary when a suspected case has occurred and others within the environment may be at risk. Other problems that may warrant disinfection services include the presence of mild issues or other contamination issues that may occur at a commercial location that needs a rapid response to restore business or maintain a high level of hygiene.

Why Pied Piper for Disinfection Services?

At Pied Piper, we know that our people make the difference. Knowing that our future rests squarely on our work ethic, image, knowledge, imagination, skills, dependability and integrity of our employees, we respect and value these qualities the most. If your commercial location needs disinfection services, the team at Pied Piper is ready to help.

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