Foundation Ventilation & Moisture Control

Your foundation is critical to the integrity of your home or structure. That’s why proper foundation ventilation is crucial. Your home is subject to the buildup of moisture and mold in your crawl space. What’s more, proper foundation ventilation can help rid your home of other harmful conditions including termites, mildew and unhealthy air.

The Pied Piper Foundation Temperature Vent automatically opens at 70 degrees, providing proper air flow during warmer months, and closes when temperatures drop below 40 degrees. Best of all, this automatic foundation vent uses no electricity or batteries to operate and removes the need to manually open or close it with fluctuating temperatures. Keeping out cold and warm air from under your home will protect your water pipes from freezing during the winter and help save money on your heating and cooling bills.


Ventilation is critical in helping to control moisture and termite problems under the home. Moisture in the crawlspace can cause serious and long-lasting damage to the home.

  1. Moisture in crawlspace
  2. Dark damp areas prone to termite infestations
  3. Floors can warp
  4. Fungus spores = Unhealthy air
  5. Wood rot and decay


Lawn Fertilization

Oklahoma and Texas experience high levels of humidity throughout the year, particularly when the weather begins to warm up in the spring. The Pied Piper Foundation Temperature Vent helps to create the optimal conditions inside of your crawlspace by allowing humidity to escape during warm months and conserving dry heat during colder months. Here are some of the benefits that can be obtained by installing an automatic temperature vent for your structure.


Decreased Moisture

Moisture can cause a lot of problems inside of a structure, especially in an undisturbed area like a crawlspace. Not only can this lead to a build-up of mold, mildew and other hazardous fungus growths, it can encourage rot that damages your foundation, floor joists or hardwood flooring. By controlling the temperature inside of your crawlspace with an automatic temperature vent, you will be less likely to have moisture accumulation no matter what the temperature outside is.

High levels of moisture also have the potential to create optimal conditions for many different pests, including termites. This can compound the problem as pests further the damage that your foundation and floor joists are facing. By limiting the amount of moisture that is available to these pests, you can ensure they less likely to nest in your crawlspace.


Enhanced Air Quality

If you are struggling with poor air quality inside of your home or business, the growth of mold and mildew in your crawlspace may be to blame. As these fungi are left to grow in moist, dark conditions without intervention, they begin to release powerful contaminants that find their way inside of your structure. This can be particularly troublesome for occupants that have asthma or another pre-existing breathing difficulty.

Excessive moisture in your crawlspace can also lead to increased humidity levels inside of your living area, making it less comfortable than it should be. Not only does this have the potential to make frequented rooms balmy, it can damage windows, crack paint and damage internal walls. If humidity problems are causing poor air quality in your home, removing moisture in your crawlspace with an automatic foundation vent may be able to correct the issue.


Improved Temperature Control

Without an automatic foundation vent, you may be spending much more on your heating and cooling costs than you should be. As cold or hot air makes its way into your crawlspace, it likely will rise into the home itself, making your operating costs to maintain the desired temperature inside of your structure much higher. Stopping temperature fluctuations inside of your crawlspace is important for ensuring your home remains a consistent temperature.

As cold temperatures begin to settle in during the winter months, the likelihood of burst pipes becomes much more likely for structures that don’t have proper foundation ventilation and moisture control protections in place. By installing an automatic foundation vent that reacts to temperature changes automatically, you will never have to worry about whether or not you closed the vent when a cold front arrives. This ensures that your pipes are safe from the potentially damaging effects of freezing plumbing pipes.

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