Lawn Care & Fertilization

Pied Piper Services is your number one source for professional lawn care & fertilization services. If you want the best looking lawn on your street or block, contact Pied Piper Lawn Care & Fertilization Services today. We are skilled and experienced in proper lawn care and fertilization and will ensure that your lawn is well taken care of. Nothing can improve your home’s curb appeal like a beautiful and healthy lawn can. Green growing grass is a great way to improve the look of your home and will get your neighbors feeling a little jealous of just how fantastic your lawn looks. Pied Piper Services is the best professional lawn service available.

Lawn Care & Fertilization

Custom Lawn Care & Fertilization Service

Pied Piper Services offers every customer a flexible treatment program that is custom fit to the type of grass you have growing on your front lawn. Our lawn technicians are skilled and experienced in working with all types of grass and will ensure that your grass is receiving the best treatment to its specific needs every service visit. Pied Piper Services offers you a free lawn analysis that includes identifying your lawn’s PH factor, identifying your lawn’s grass species and identifying the ph factor in your lawn’s soil content. After having performed a thorough inspection and free analysis of your lawn, we will then suggest the appropriate type of nutrients and fertilization that is best for your grass.

Liquid Lawn Fertilizer

We will significantly improve the health of your lawn and it will become more beautiful than you could ever imagine. Pied Piper Services specializes in using only liquid fertilizer. We know that using liquid fertilizer provides a much more even application to your lawn and the liquid fertilizer is much more efficiently absorbed into the soil of your grass. Pied Piper Services uses liquid fertilization because it provides your grass with instant benefits and is safer for you and your pets (no more need to waste time and resources watering dry fertilizers into your grass!!).

Professional Lawn Care & Fertilization Services

Pied Piper Services offers each customer a personalized and fully customized program for their lawn. With a custom program scheduled and executed, you will notice that your lawn requires less mow time and that it will grow fuller, greener and much healthier than ever before. We specialize in making each customer feel proud of their lawn and ensuring that it will continue to grow strong with the specific program we have lined out for you. Pied Piper Services offers these quality services to you with a pay as you go option so you do not have to pay the cost up front in one large payment. You can pay for each treatment individually. We care about your lawn and will give you and your grass the special care and attention required to grow a healthy and beautiful lawn on your property. Contact us today for a free consultation!