Weed Control

Pied Piper Services is your source for the best professional weed control and weed sterilization service available. Weeds are one of the most annoying obstacles that homeowners have to deal with when it comes to keeping the landscape of their home looking immaculate. Weeds are a scourge to home owners everywhere and come in many different forms. Whether you are dealing with clumps of clover and crabgrass or fields of dandelions, Pied Piper Services will get rid of the weeds on your lawn and restore it back to looking beautiful and weed free. We are skilled and experienced when it comes to weed removal and maintenance.

Getting Rid of Dandelion Weeds

Pied Piper Services knows that a weed is a plant that is growing where it is not wanted. The weeds that grow in and around your lawn belong to three different categories; broadleaf, grassy or grass like. One of the most common broad leaf weeds you will find growing in or around your lawn is the dandelion. The dandelion can spring up from almost anywhere and each single flower in a head is called a floret. Many species of the dandelion produce seeds asexually, where the seeds are produced without pollination. This results in a plethora of dandelions that are genetically identical to the parent plant. Dandelions can be extremely difficult to remove on your own. Pied Piper Services specializes in removing dandelions from your yard.

Crabgrass Weed Removal

Pied Piper Services will remove the annoyance of crabgrass from your lawn. Crabgrass is typically found in lawns that grow thin, are lightly watered, have been under fertilized and do not drain very well. One plant of crabgrass has the ability to produce 150,000 seeds per season. Once crabgrass has successfully invaded your lawn, it will become quite a chore to remove it and get your lawn back to growing healthy again. Pied Piper Services knows what it takes to get rid of crabgrass and prevent it from ever cropping up on your beautiful lawn again.

Nutgrass & Nutsedge Weed Removal

Pied Piper Services will also remove any sign of nutsgrass or nutsedge from your lawn. Nutsedge is a grass like weed that you may not recognize as a weed at first, but if nutsedge is allowed to thrive within your lawn, it can inflict a great deal of damage. Nutsedge grows slender type leaves at the base of the plant and the flower of the weed is a greenish color. Pied Piper Services will quickly identify nutsedge in your lawn along with any and all other types of weeds that have successfully planted themselves into your property. Contact Pied Piper Services today for the best weed control, lawn care and lawn fertilization for residential homes and large-scale commercial properties.

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