Commercial Wildlife Removal

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Pied Piper Commercial Wildlife Removal Services is dedicated to keeping the businesses of Oklahoma and Texas residents pest free, insect free and wildlife free. We specialize in insect and rodent removal and we also are skilled and experienced in proper wildlife removal. No matter what pests you are finding around your business, we have the experience and knowledge needed to successfully remove them.

Oklahoma and Texas hold a wide variety of wildlife that can sometimes come a little too close to our businesses than we are comfortable with. Some of this wildlife has enough courage to get into your business and establish a domain of their own without you even knowing about it. Not only can wildlife perform a great deal of damage to your business, but they also present a health threat to you and your employees as they can carry dangerous bacteria and disease as well.

Pied Piper Wildlife Removal Services is equipped with all of the proper tools to remove wildlife safely and legally from your business. Our technicians are familiar with wildlife that is protected and must be taken out of your structure alive and the best ways to remove them. The Pied Piper is a professional wildlife removal service that will treat every issue with the utmost care. We make sure that every customer is completely satisfied.


Raccoon Removal

Oklahoma and Texas hold a large range of wildlife, and the more common species of wildlife that tend to get into our businesses are raccoons. Raccoons are thickly built mammals that can grow to be over three feet long and weigh as much as 35 pounds. Having a 35 pound guest in your business that will rummage through your garbage, destroy your yard and potentially bite you is something that no business owner wants to experience.

Raccoons can scratch and claw their way into your attic, pull down fences, push open doors and create a great deal of havoc for any commercial property. Even worse, once they establish a nesting site, their number can continue to grow if left alone. Pied Piper Wildlife Removal Services technicians are skilled and experienced in dealing with raccoons and safely removing them from your property.


Squirrel Removal

Pied Piper Services is familiar with the species of squirrels that have become a common nuisance to Oklahoma and Texas business owners. Oklahoma and Texas are susceptible to three main species of squirrel including the Fox squirrel, the Pine squirrel and the Gray squirrel. Unfortunately, each of these squirrel species is capable of damaging your structure as they forage for food or seek suitable nesting sites, particularly in attics or crawl spaces.Fox squirrels are the largest tree squirrel there is, and while they generally find shelter in trees, Fox squirrels have been known to find shelter in buildings for protection or additional shelter from the elements. Pine squirrels are one of the smallest tree squirrels, making it much easier for them to gain access to your business through a small crawl space. The Gray Squirrel is medium sized with a large bushy tail. They like to take up residence in the attics of businesses. Pied Piper Wildlife Removal Services can remove squirrels from your property and protect your structure from the damages they can potentially cause.



Opossum Removal

Opossums prefer wooded areas that provide access to water and food sources; however, they are capable of adapting to urban settings because of the resources needed for their survival that are readily available. In most cases, opossums will make their domain under sheds, crawlspaces, log piles, tree cavities or brush piles. Their typical diet consists of small rodents, insects and berries, although It is not uncommon for opossums to forage for food in compost piles, garbage cans, dumpsters or pet food that is stored outdoors.

When they feel threatened, opossums can become very aggressive and will attempt to intimidate, bite or scratch whatever they perceive as a threat. This behavior makes It dangerous for business owners to attempt to remove opossums on their own. Not only because they are protected by the Wildlife Act of 1975, they can potentially carry diseases such as tuberculosis, Chagas disease or tularemia. Finding opossums in your business can be a scary experience. Pied Piper Wildlife Removal Services will come to the rescue to protect your business.

Pied Piper Services for Wildlife Removal

There are many laws and regulations that protect wildlife that can make their home on your property. For this reason, it is important to enlist the help of a Certified Nuisance Wildlife Removal Operator licensed by the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation. If you are experiencing raccoons, squirrels, opossums or any other wildlife problems on your property, contact Pied Piper Wildlife Removal Services immediately to control their presence from your home or business.