Protect Your Business Against Birds

Pigeons can be found in nearly any large metropolitan area and these birds, and others, are a common problem for businesses in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. As a pioneer of bird control and bird prevention in DFW, Pied Piper Services has continually monitored the growing problem of pest birds and the impact they have on businesses. Our team proudly offers effective bird control solutions to protect historic sites, businesses, and homes from the potential damages associated with bird infestation. 


How to Identify a Bird Problem 

Birds can be more than just a nuisance when they leave their droppings, build nests, or wreck your garden in search of worms. While just a few common signs of a bird problem, quick growth in bird populations can quickly make matters even worse. Birds are known vectors for a wide variety of serious diseases including the Avian Flu and West Nile virus, that can be transmitted directly through contact or inhalation of their waste. 

One way to tell if birds are becoming a problem at your Dallas/Fort Worth business is to look for signs of damage associated with nesting habits or observe the presence of large amounts of bird droppings. Even the arrival of large numbers of birds could potentially signal that a more serious problem is developing and will require intervention to prevent further problems from occurring. In many cases, prevention before birds begin to make nests will be the best approach for long term success with minimal damage or disruption to the business. 


What Bird Treatment Options are Available? 

The primary goal of Pied Piper Services is to provide businesses in Dallas/Fort Worth the best bird control solutions possible without damaging the aesthetic qualities that the building already possesses. Using a utility vehicle with an attached bucket lift and the most effective bird prevention products found on the market, our bird control solutions are among the most effective available to DFW businesses. Some of the treatment options we provide include: 

  • Bird Netting Barriers – These barriers are most suited for large open areas to prevent nesting or roosting in structures. As a permanent barrier system, bird netting provides invisible protection that is also UV treated to resist sun damage that may deteriorate it. Bird netting often provides 100% bird exclusion when installed properly. 
  • Bird Spikes – As a humane and effective exclusion product for larger birds, bird barrier spikes can be added to a variety of surfaces including ledges, commercial signage, street lighting, and nearly any other flat surface. This limits the available area that birds can utilize to land and is virtually invisible after installation. 
  • Electric Tracks – When most people hear the word “electric”, they tend to think that this bird deterrent will harm birds that encounter it. The safe but effective shock that electric tracks provide is considered harmless to the birds and just shocks them into leaving the structure. Since electric tracks are a low-profile system, they will not alter the appearance of a building once installed. 
  • Bird Spiders – If your Dallas/Fort Worth business has exposed AC units, streetlights, or skylights, they may be a beacon for a variety of bird species that are looking for a potential nesting place. Bird spiders function as a scare tactic that wards off birds through visual distraction since they interpret it as a predator. Once glued to a surface, this provides a permanent deterrent for pest birds. 
  • Bird Repellent Gel – As a sticky, transparent product, bird repellent gel can be caulked onto nearly any surface affordably to keep birds from landing or nesting. The sticky sensation this product causes on a bird’s feet will make them leave to find a more comfortable location. Instead of harming the bird, this is a great deterrent to keep them from sticking around. 




Why Choose Pied Piper Services for Bird Control in DFW? 

The experts at Pied Piper Services have the knowledge and experience necessary to help remove bird infestations at your home or business. By providing the best bird control experience and customer service possible, we have become the premier bird control provider throughout Texas. Our commitment to innovation and enhancing our services with new equipment and treatment methods are unparalleled. If you require bird control services or would like to preemptively begin bird exclusion, call us at (888) 737-8943 or contact us today.