Rats Eating the Wiring Harnesses Out of Your Vehicles? Rat Control Methods & Tips in Eufaula, OK

Rats Eating the Wiring Harnesses Out of Your Vehicles? Rat control is not an easy task once invaded by these very adaptable rodents. For those who want to protect your home, businesses and even your car, there are a few steps you can take. Pied Piper Services is here to help you in this fight against rats and have some suggestions that you can do to prevent an outbreak of rats on your property.

Rat’s High Intelligence Makes Them Hard to Control

The battle that people face with rats is that they’re instinctively wary of their environment. They come to learn to avoid traps, baits and poisons. Rats will avoid being seen at all cost. This means they will hide in the attic or in the walls of buildings. They will also burrow and nest outside in brushes, yard debris, and other large piles of materials that will provide them some safety.

How to Prevent Rats from Entering Your Home & Property

The first step that business and homeowners need to take is general cleanup. Start with the outside. Clean up any of those areas outside that rats can hide in, keeping nesting grounds for rats far away. The next battle is eliminating food and water sources. Any food inside needs to be sealed; either in steel, glass, or really thick plastic containers. Use nothing that rats can smell or chew through. Check your home or business in and outside for any leaky water systems. The trash disposal area is the next biggest battle. Rats can find plenty of food and nesting materials in the garbage. You will need to have a good garbage can or dumpster that can seal to prevent rats from getting inside.

DIY VS Professional Rat Control

A lot of people will try to do their own rat control. They will get traps and baits. While this may work a few times, rats will learn to avoid the types of trap and poisonous bait you use. You will need to change your poison around and traps often. Traps can be used a little longer then poisons if you change the food baits regularly, keeping the temptation. If you cycled through every kind of trap and poison you can get a hold of, then it’s time to contact a professional pest control company. Pied Piper Services are licensed to use many more types of sprays, traps, and poisons then what you can find in open markets. And the products we use are commercial grade too. This greatly increases the chance of removing your rat problem, once and for all.

Rats Chewing Car Wires

Pied Piper Services has had countless calls about rats chewing a vehicle’s harness wiring out. Questions are raised such as why would a rat even want to chew on my car and what can I do to stop it? There are two reasons why rats will chew on car wiring and hoses. One is that more and more automakers use a plant-based biodegradable material to reduce waste. Another reason is that rats like to sharpen their teeth. What can be done to stop it? There have been some suggestions from pouring sauce on the wiring to covering them with metal mesh. For some this did the trick. Others were not so lucky. However recently a clever solution was put forth; using rodent-deterrent tape. It’s much like using electrical tape or duct tape. You can get rodent-deterrent tape online and in some stores. Some had good luck with this tape. Another suggestion is place bait and traps in the garage.

Rat Removal Services

Pied Piper Services know that rats and other rodents can be a nightmare, especially when they destroy your homes, business and even your vehicles. However, rat control and removal can be successful when taking the rights steps. Contact us to learn more about our quality pest control services.

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