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Pied Piper provides, at no additional cost above the inspection fee, a 120-day warranty on all WDI or WDO reports completed and paid. Our warranty is simple – if active termites are found within 120 days of the completed inspection, and the inspection fee has been paid, Pied Piper will perform localized treatment(s) in area(s) of active termite infestation. The property owner may elect to purchase the remaining treatments, at a discounted rate, in order to perform a complete treatment of the structure. This is a significant benefit to the buyer, avoids recourse against the seller and helps to protect the realtor’s and Pied Piper’s reputation should termites be identified post-sale.

What type of report is needed for closing on a loan?

Wood Destroying Insect Inspections (WDI’s) or Wood Destroying Organism Inspections (WDO) are written reports performed by Pied Piper. WDI/WDO inspections may be required to buy, sell or refinance a property. Sometimes they’re called a “clearance letter” or a “termite letter.”

VA, FHA, HUD and most banks may require a WDI or WDO report because termites and other wood-destroying organisms can impact the structural integrity and greatly reduce the value of property.

With such a large investment at stake, it’s best to use a reputable and reliable company. The Pied Piper team of inspectors understands how to properly inspect a structure. Pied Piper can provide same-day inspection, and if we detect a problem Pied Piper can immediately perform all the necessary treatments not to delay the sale, or refinancing of a loan.

In addition to the information provided above, reports should also include conditions that are conducive to an infestation, areas that may provide harborage for activity, and areas that were inaccessible during the inspection. The moving process often involves stacked boxes, furnishings and other items that may be stored along walls and impede in the inspection process. Infestations may exist in areas that are not visible due to obstruction, nor made available to the inspector for review.

Even the best inspectors can’t see inside walls or get to inaccessible areas so an inspection that includes a warranty is best, so call Pied Piper for your next inspection!