Removing Black and Yellow Mud Dauber Mud Nests; Wasp Prevention and Control in Broken Arrow, OK

Removing Black and Yellow Mud Dauber Mud Nests; Wasp Prevention and Control in Broken Arrow, OK

The black and yellow mud dauber can seem like a dangerous pest. However, this wasp has earned an unfair reputation over time due to the habits of other wasp species. Though the black and yellow mud dauber is capable of stinging, they are generally uninterested with the habits of humans and rarely attack unprovoked.

Identifying and Removing Mud Dauber Mud Tubes

Female mud dauber wasps will form mud balls, which are hollowed out to form a nest for their eggs. You likely have seen these mud nests around your home or business throughout the spring and fall seasons. Though the mud dauber itself is harmless, abandoned mud tubes can be utilized by more aggressive or dangerous wasp species.

If you find active mud dauber tubes at your home or business, it is important to utilize the services of a pest control specialist for the most effective removal. If the mud tube is no longer active, property owners may be able to scrape the nest away from the surface it is attached to. If the nest is in a location that would be dangerous to remove alone, seek professional help.

Mud Dauber Control and Prevention

Though mud daubers are considered a non-aggressive and beneficial insect, some property owners prefer to have them removed for safety reasons. Many prefer to leave unimposing mud nests because of the feeding habits these insects have. To feed their young, mud daubers will often paralyze spiders and allow the larva to eat them from inside of the nest.

It is fairly rare for a mud dauber to sting without warrant. However, they do possess stingers like other wasps that can deliver a painful, and potentially dangerous, sting. For individuals that have allergies to wasps or other mud dauber species, this can pose a significant risk.

Why Pied Piper Services for Wasp Control?

There are many species of wasp found in Oklahoma. If you are having trouble identifying the species that are present at your home or business, professional help may be needed. Pied Piper Services can help identify wasps, mud daubers or other flying pests that may be near your home.

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