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Spring Lawn Care & Maintenance Checklist in Wilburton OK; Before Fertilizing Test Your Soils PH Levels!

Spring is officially here ushering in the lawn care frenzy around your neighborhood, with homeowners working hard and pulling out all the stops to have the best looking lawn on the block. Flowers are planted, trees are trimmed and bushes are shaped into uniform shapes to make yards stand out as much as possible. While many homeowners know the ins and outs of a healthy lawn, there are always a handful of first timers that make silly mistakes when it comes to proper lawn care and fertilization. Consider taking the time to do some research on what type of care is necessary for a healthy and beautiful lawn.

Before Fertilizing Your Lawn, Test your Soil

Before you begin to fertilize your lawn this spring, take the time to test your soil. You can test the soil in your yard anytime the ground is not frozen. The three most important factors to test for are nutrient content, pH levels and organic matter composition. For a good sample, mix about one pint of soil pulled from five or six different areas of your lawn by digging a few inches down to where the roots feed. A reliable tester kit will usually run you about $10.00 and give you the results you need to improve the shape of your lawn. It is important to add only what your lawn needs, so don’t add a nitrogen fertilizer or limestone before you study the test results. For your convenience, Pied Piper Services offers our customers a free lawn analysis that includes identifying your lawn’s grass species and PH factor to customize the nutrients and fertilization that is best suited for your grass.

Lawn Fertilizer is Time Sensitive

Soil tests results may come back reading that your lawn requires more fertilizer. If that is the case make sure that you fertilize at the proper time of year. In areas where grass can endure cold winters, it is best to fertilize in the fall. In other areas where the grass doesn’t last all winter, try to fertilize at least before the rainy season. Pied Piper Services will assist you in finding the perfect time to fertilize your lawn so it can look its best.

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All of the hard work, time and energy put into fertilizing your lawn will mean nothing if you are not mowing your lawn properly. Do not let all of that hard work go to waste by mowing improperly. It is important to keep your eye on the weather forecast when it comes to mowing. If there is not any rain in the short term forecast, then put your mower back in the shed. If you feel it is absolutely necessary to mow during a dry spell, then try your hardest to only take as little as possible off the top. For the best looking lawn on the block, contact Pied Piper Services.

Before First Ever Lawn Treatment
Before First Ever Lawn Treatment
Just 77 days later!
Just 77 days later!