Keeping Animals and Insects Away from Your Grill; Wildlife and Pest Prevention and Control in Dallas, TX

Keeping Animal and Insects Away Inspect for Pests - Before firing up your grill, inspect it for evidence of insects or wildlife. The presence of cobwebs is often a tell-tale sign that spiders have taken up residence in your grill. Even the smallest pest can cause heating issues and...

Avoiding Hitchhiking Bed Bugs While Traveling; Bed Bug Control and Prevention in Tulsa, OK

Summer is often considered the most popular season for traveling or vacations. Unfortunately, this busy season also opens many homes and businesses to potential bed bug infestations without the proper precautions in place. No place is safe from the threat of bed bug infestation anymore, making early detection of these...

Signs of Cockroach Infestation; Cockroach Control and Detection in Muskogee, OK

You've probably heard the old saying "where there is one cockroach, there are many". Seeing a living cockroach in your home or business is almost always a surefire way to determine whether this nuisance pest has friends nearby. Unfortunately, this often will mean that cockroaches could be crawling in the...

Ants Invade Local Homes and Businesses; Ant Control and Prevention in Glenpool, OK

Oklahoma residents are no stranger to wild weather patterns. Unfortunately, these weather patterns make this region of the United States particularly inviting to a wide variety of ant species. (more…)

Removing Black and Yellow Mud Dauber Mud Nests; Wasp Prevention and Control in Broken Arrow, OK

The black and yellow mud dauber can seem like a dangerous pest. However, this wasp has earned an unfair reputation over time due to the habits of other wasp species. (more…)

Rodents Infesting Restaurant Kitchens; Commercial Rodent Control and Prevention in Tulsa, OK

If you currently operate a restaurant, you likely know the impact of having rodents in your kitchen or serving areas. These unsanitary pests can have a lasting effect on your reputation and the health and well-being of your customers and employees. For this reason, proper commercial rodent control and prevention...

The Dangers of Bird Nests on Your Property; Bird Control and Prevention in Muskogee, OK

During the spring, the sound of birds can be found across the state of Oklahoma. While inviting these feathered friends into your backyard by enticing them with a bird feeder and bird bath may seem like a good idea, things can turn sour quickly. (more…)

Benefits of the Sentricon® System; Termite Control and Elimination in Okmulgee, OK

The Sentricon® System is one of the most studied termite treatment and prevention systems available to homeowners and business owners across the United States. In fact, the Sentricon® System is so effective, some of the most cherished historic sites in the country trust the bait system for termite protection. ...

Protecting Your Pets from Ticks This Season; Tick Prevention and Control in Dallas, TX

Ticks are among the most troublesome pests to have around your home if you are a pet owner. With the wide range of diseases and tick-borne illnesses that can be obtained during attachment, tick prevention and control around your Dallas home should be a necessity during the late spring and...

Spring Signals Silverfish Infestation in Oklahoma; Silverfish Identification and Control in Tahlequah, OK

The silverfish is a notoriously feared insect because of its distinct appearance. Many Oklahoma homeowners likely expect the arrival of ants, spiders and stink bugs during spring, however, this pest is poised to begin infesting homes across the state. (more…)

Venomous Black Widow Spiders Making Appearance; Spider Control and Prevention in Green Country, OK

The sight of any spider can strike fear in a large portion of the population. However, the appearance of a black widow spider seems to have an increased effect that strikes individuals with sheer and visible terror. (more…)

Bird Infestation Damages Tulsa Business; Bird Control and Removal in Tulsa, OK

Oklahomans are no strangers to sound of birds. Though early morning chirping can be a relaxing and peaceful experience, too much of a good thing can always be a bad thing. As a bird infestation intensifies, the sound can be deafening and their damage to your property could be even...