Taking Care of Fleas Inside and Out

If you have spent any time in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, you know how much of a problem fleas can be. And, although a common misconception, you do not have to have pets to get these persistent and annoying pests. This occurs because fleas are capable of being transferred to your yard through other wild animals like rabbits, rats, or gophers. Fortunately, the team at Pied Piper Services can help remove or prevent these nuisance pests with proven and effective flea control treatments. 

At Pied Piper Services, we know that fleas can quickly turn into a much larger problem for residents of Dallas/Fort Worth if left untreated. Even worse, this could have serious consequences for your pets or pets that are on your property. If you have a problem with fleas inside or out at your home or business, our expert pest control technicians are ready to help determine the extent of the problem with an initial inspection and provide treatments to help control them. 


Signs of a Flea Infestation 

While most people initially discover they may have a flea infestation is when their pet begins to scratch more frequently or more commonly than usual. However, these same symptoms may be attributed to some other underlying conditions like allergies and some pets may not react to flea bites in the ways you might expect. If your pet starts showing signs that fleas may be present, it is important to start looking for other clues that may signify an infestation has started. Some things to look for include: 

  • Increased grooming or scratching by pets. 
  • Small bites around the feet and ankles of residents. 
  • Flea excrement that looks like pepper and falls of pets as they are brushed. 
  • Dark black or brown dots that appear and disappear from socks when walking on carpet. 

While only a small sample of potential signs of a flea infestation, it is important to remember that the absence of pets indoors does not mean that you may not potentially have fleas outside of your home or business. And, simply spending time in areas that they may be may make it easy to transport them inside of your home. Since fleas can reproduce quickly and become a much larger problem, it is recommended to seek treatment for your property as early as possible through an experienced and knowledgeable pest control provider. 


What Should You Do If You Find Fleas? 

Finding fleas outside or inside of your Dallas/Fort Worth home or business can be shocking initially; however, it is important to act quickly to ensure the problem is dealt with before it continues to grow and expand. Each flea infestation comes with its own challenges and problems that may contribute to the spread and reach that they may have within a landscape or location. To ensure the best results possible, Pied Piper Services will create a custom flea treatment plan to control the infestation that is present and ensure they do not return both inside and out. 

If you have pets, it is also important to ensure they are receiving the appropriate flea and tick treatment from a veterinary professional. With both preventative options to ensure pets aren’t bringing fleas indoors and immediate care options available, finding the right solution for your pet’s current needs can help keep them healthy if an infestation has occurred. This will also help improve the results of the pest control services that you are able to achieve since many flea and tick prevention products kill on contact. 


Why Choose Pied Piper Services for Flea Control in DFW? 

The experts at Pied Piper Services have the knowledge and experience necessary to help remove flea infestations at your home or business both indoors or outdoors. Our commitment to innovation and enhancing our services with new equipment and treatment methods is unparalleled. If you require flea control services, call us at (888) 737-8943 or contact us today.