Tips on Garden Dandelion, Crabgrass & Nutsedge Weed Control & Prevention in Lawns & Flower Beds in Wilburton OK

20160320_122132 (1)Insects, wildlife and rodents are not the only pests that inflict people. Weeds are just as big of a nuisance. Dandelions, crabgrass, nutgrass, and nutsedge weeds are not only ugly, but can draw in pests and choke out your favorite addition to your foliage and landscaping. Getting your lawn weed free is surely a difficult task in many cases, having a professional to help is exterminate the weeds for thriving lawns and plants is beneficial addition in pest control. Along with superior pest control,Pied Piper Services have the expertise to help you obliterate weeds.

Pied Piper Services would like to share some tips on preventing weeds and tending to minor weed outbreaks early.

Dandelion Weeds

Dandelion Weed Control in Lawns: Dandelions are one of the most reviled weeds that inflict grass. A dandelion needs less than 24 hours to go from a bud to seed on a mature flower. When those puff balls appear, a slight breeze can instantly spread the seeds. In moist soil and in temperatures above 50 degrees, dandelion seeds germinate and thrive. Dandelions are very resilient. If the soil is dry or temperatures are not favorable, they can go dormant but sprout again decades later.
Getting Rid of Dandelions in the Spring: The superior method in dandelion removal is plucking them from the ground, however what can make this task difficult is that the taproot must be fully removed; otherwise the dandelion will just grow back. The taproots can be surprisingly long, depending on how long the dandelion has been growing there. There are tools specifically engineered to remove dandelions, but trowels and even screwdrivers can be just as effective. Herbicides are also ideal for terminating dandelions. But use caution, as there are some formulas designed for specific areas that dandelions are infesting. As with all chemicals, safety needs to be priority. Always read labels to understand warnings and instructions.
Dandelion Prevention: Dandelions are better dealt with in the fall, when using herbicides as they are weak and most likely unable to survive the winter if not fully killed. And as they appear, tweezing them as they sprout up from your grass can help hinder an infestation.

Crabgrass and Nutsedge Weeds

Crabgrass and Nutsedge Weed Control: These are very common weeds that threaten the beauty of your lawns, appearing uneven and unkempt. They are persistent and quickly take over your grass. Crabgrass is easily spotted, growing in clumps and its leaves are wider than most domestic grass. Nutsedge or nutsgrass have tapered leaves with yellow or purple seed heads.
Getting Rid of Crabgrass and Nutsedge Weeds in Lawns: These weeds can be durable and resistant, but pulling them out at the roots is best for removal on small outbreaks. Nutsedge does not do well in shade, so planting trees or addition foliage can help keep it from spreading.
Crabgrass and Nutsedge Prevention: As previously mentioned, keep your lawn shaded if possible to hinder the nutsedge from growing. Keep grass regularly maintained with routine mowing and weed whacking to keep the weeds from germinating and spreading.

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Pied Piper Services can help you reclaim your grass if weeds have infested it, and it is too overwhelming from pulling them up. We are experts in the field and have the proper expertise to deal with weeds and other pest control needs. Call us today!

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