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When a new illness or virus begins to spread, countless “disinfection services” seem to pop up seemingly overnight. However, many of these unlicensed businesses are looking to capitalize on the current market needs and may not offer the services they had initially promised to their clients before disappearing just as quickly. To provide reliable disinfection services to Oklahoma, Pied Piper Services operates as a Category 13 Antimicrobial - Certified business to ensure the proper application of antimicrobial pesticides intended to disinfect, sanitize, reduce or mitigate the growth or development of microbiological organisms. 

What Makes Pied Piper Different?

Category 13 Antimicrobial - Certified Business Checkmark
Extensive Training Checkmark
Trusted in the Manufacturing and Food Industries for Over 10 Years Checkmark
Dedicated Equipment to Disinfection Services Checkmark
Available 24/7 to Complete Disinfection Services Checkmark
Chemicals have been Deemed by the EPA as an Effective Treatment of COVID-19 Checkmark
Understanding the Products Being Used Checkmark
Knowledge of Proper Mixing Ratios Checkmark
Proper Use of Chemicals for Different Types of Surfaces Checkmark
Constant Observation during Treatment Process Checkmark
Written Protocols for all Services and Applications Checkmark
Free Consultation to discuss your Environment and the Best Treatment Plan Checkmark

Dedicated Equipment

Operating under strict guidelines required for Category 13 Antimicrobial - Certification set forth by the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Pied Piper Services utilizes equipment dedicated solely to disinfection services to avoid the chances of cross-contamination. Many companies will use the same equipment and just change out the application products. Unfortunately, this often has unintended consequences like applying the wrong chemicals to sensitive areas used by humans. As you might imagine, this could create new health hazards that could have otherwise been avoided.

24/7 Disinfection Services

Pied Piper Services has developed strong relationships with clients across many different commercial industries including aerospace, food production, retail and commercial property management. By working with these clients for over 10 years, we have learned that no two businesses have the same schedule available for disinfection services and, in many cases, normal business hours can’t be impacted. To accommodate the needs of every business, Pied Piper Services is available 24/7 for disinfection services. 

Proper Applications

Many news reports show misleading disinfection treatment options in which the chemicals are applied to the surface and then wiped down. In reality, some products must remain moist on the surface for up to 10 minutes to be effective. Because buildings provide many different surfaces, sometimes in one room alone, effective treatment requires constant observation during the treatment process. To ensure great results, our technicians are trained on what products they are using and proper application considerations that must be followed at all times.

Written Protocols

Unlike other disinfection services that combine products to create a mixture that “feels right” the team at Pied Piper Services abides by written protocols for all services and applications. Because of our specific licensing, extensive training, and long history with such chemicals we now the proper mixing rates and the best way to apply the treatment product to different surfaces for maximum effect. Our chemicals have been deemed by the EPA as an effective treatment of COVID-19. Providers that haven’t obtained Category 13 Antimicrobial licensure are unlikely to maintain such a standard.

Why Pied Piper for Disinfection Services?

At Pied Piper, we know that our people make the difference. Knowing that our future rests squarely on our work ethic, image, knowledge, imagination, skills, dependability and integrity of our employees, we respect and value these qualities the most. If your commercial location needs disinfection services, the team at Pied Piper is ready to help.

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