Where do Bed Bugs Come From in Muskogee OK Homes & Businesses? Call Pied Piper Services for Professional Bed Bug Inspections, Control & Prevention in OK & TX!

Where do Bed Bugs Come From in Muskogee OK Homes & Businesses?You hear the horror stories of bed bugs infesting various hotels and motels. Creeping and crawling around, hitching rides in guests luggage, and eventually overpopulating homes. The very thought makes you feel crawly and itchy, and you immediately check your bed to make sure the little critters didn’t somehow make their way into your sanctuary.

Pied Piper Services would like to give you a few tips on spotting bed bugs, how to control them as well as how to deter them from bunking down in your Muskogee Oklahoma home.

How to See if you Have Bed Bugs

1. Bed Bug Bite Marks. The obvious sign; bite marks on your body or on that of a resident of your home. Bite marks are usually red and itchy; and are most likely found up and down your exposed arms and shoulders. They generally have a more characteristic pattern, where their bite marks are in a straight line as opposed to all over the place.
2. Bed Bug Sheet Stains. Inspect your bedding for visual cues. Usually rusty looking spots that are your dried blood or bed bug feces, eggs, dead skin or corpses. Carefully look over your sheets, mattress and edges for any of the evidence of their presence.
3. Can you See Bed Bugs? These little critters are like black belt ninjas, and are very skilled at hiding. Search for the bed bugs themselves throughout your sheets, blankets and mattress; including corners, seams and linings.
– Check in crevices of bed frame, headboard and joints.
– Search inside and outside of your nightstand.
– Look in all drawers, around alarm clocks and remotes.
– View along lampshades and lamps.
– Check picture frames, baseboards, electrical sockets and light switches.
– Look over curtains and walls.
If you suspect the presence of bed bugs, it is best to start from the entry point of the room, and search everywhere from the outside in; thoroughly and meticulously.

Bed Bug Elimination

– Strip down your bedding and wash everything used on your bed with hot water. Dry for at least 30 minutes to kill any bed bugs lurking in them.
– Vacuum your bed and box spring, in great detail. Use your vacuum hose to clean the embroidery patterns, and be sure to reach in every seam and corner. Vacuum the top, bottom and all four sides. Vacuum the box spring in like fashion, making sure to clean every nook and cranny. You can’t over vacuum in this case.
– Approved pesticides will have to be used around the rest of the room.

Avoiding Bed Bugs

– Regularly clean bedding and mattress.
– Inspect all your luggage when traveling, along with beds before settling in.
– Don’t take in any used mattresses, bedding or sofas.

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To ensure the bed bugs are eliminated and kept at bay, hire a professional exterminator. Pied Piper Services specializes in bed bug removal. With our expertise and experience, state of the art equipment and top of the line pesticides, a bed bug infestation will be a quickly terminated. With regular visits, Pied Piper Services not only controls bed bug infestations, but they can also hinder any other unwelcome guests. Call us today to schedule your appointment!

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