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Dealing with a pest problem alone can be incredibly stressful, so finding effective and convenient pest control services shouldn’t be a challenge. At The Pied Piper, we offer 3 convenient ways to get started to ensure an effortless process that works best for you. Whether you use our online pricing tool, request service online or give us a call, we are ready to help return your home or business to normal.

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Pest control services for several pest types

No one wants uninvited guests – especially the creepy-crawly kind! Pied Piper Services offers the convenience of a “one-stop pest control shop” for a variety of common commercial and residential pest types. Don’t let destructive pests like termites damage or unsanitary pests like cockroaches and rodents invade your most valuable investments. No matter what pests you are finding around your home or business, the pest control professionals at The Pied Piper can help identify and eliminate them.

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Your home or business is one of the single largest investments you will make in your life and, just like all of your other investments, you need to be protected. When it comes to protecting your investment from termites and other destructive insects, we at The Pied Piper Pest Control guarantee a safe, effective and professional job every time. Through education, training, modern technology and years of experience, we will be able to provide your home or business with the best pest control protection, weed control and lawn fertilization possible.

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If you are finding pests around your home or business, or need a little help bringing your lawn back to its former beauty, The Pied Piper can help with a FREE, no-obligation service estimate. Effective pest control not only makes your home or business more comfortable, it limits the chances of exposure to illness or diseases that many common pests can transmit. Keeping your family or patrons safe is one of the main reasons to invest in quality pest control for your home or business.

The Pied Piper provides convenient scheduling options, including evenings and weekends, to provide property inspections. This ensures you don’t have to miss work other important engagements to deal with your pest infestation. If you are ready to get started, please submit an estimate form and a company representative will contact you shortly!

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Why choose The Pied Piper?

Pied Piper is dedicated to providing the service you expect. Not only from our uniform trucks and appearance but also from our professional manner in handling all of our client’s needs. As a company built on customer satisfaction and referrals, we want to give our clients an experience they are excited to tell their friends and family about. At The Pied Piper, we value our company’s image and know that the public perception of our people, vehicles, equipment and materials is essential to our success.

A commitment to innovation and creativity to produce safer, more efficient and effective technologies and methods drives The Pied Piper. We believe in being a contributing member of our community and our industry and strive to achieve this through utilizing eco-friendly materials whenever possible. We understand the increased demand for green solutions for pest control and have worked very hard to accommodate these needs.