3 Destructive Pests That Could Be Hiding In Your Structure

3 Destructive Pests That Could Be Hiding In Your Structure

Whether it’s your home or business, you likely don’t want your biggest investments being slowly destroyed by unwanted pests. Unfortunately, there are many different destructive pests that may find their way into your structure with little evidence of their existence. To ensure your home or business is safe, check regularly for these 3 distinct pests.


Termites are perhaps one of the most well-known destructive pests because of the extensive damages they are capable of causing. This is with good reason since termites are estimated to cause nearly $30 billion in damages to manmade structures each year. If you suspect termites have made their way into your home or business, the termite control experts can identify them and remove them.

Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants can greatly deteriorate the support structure of your home or business as they excavate wood for their nests. However, unlike termites, carpenter ants do not consume the wood the destroy and instead hollow out galleries while leaving small piles of wood dust. If you are finding any of these piles around your home with no explanation, it’s time to call an ant control expert to remove them.

Powderpost Beetles

If you have hardwood flooring in your home, there’s a chance that powderpost beetles may already be inhabiting it. In fact, most powderpost beetle infestations occur because the wood that was used had larvae in it prior to installation. Check your wooden products to see if there are any small holes that may have been created as the larvae emerged as adult beetles to determine if they are present or not.

Pied Piper Services for Pest Control

No one wants to deal with destructive pests that have made their way into a home or business. Fortunately, the pest control experts at  Pied Piper Services has the equipment and training necessary to help bring peace back to your structure with effective commercial pest control or residential pest control services. If you suspect your home has a pest problem, contact us today to learn how we can help!

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