Keeping Animals and Insects Away from Your Grill; Wildlife and Pest Prevention and Control in Dallas, TX

Keeping Animal and Insects Away

Keeping Animals and Insects Away from Your GrillGrilling is a staple of the summer. While your grill has the power to bring friends and family to your backyard get-together, it could also be inviting animals and insects. To ensure your grill remains sanitary and doesn't become a potential nest for pests, there are certain steps that homeowners should be taking to proactively prevent infestation. Though the best prevention method is increased usage, here are some other tips for keeping animals and insects away from your grill.

  • Inspect for Pests - Before firing up your grill, inspect it for evidence of insects or wildlife. The presence of cobwebs is often a tell-tale sign that spiders have taken up residence in your grill. Even the smallest pest can cause heating issues and proper functionality of your grill.
  • Remove Leftover Food - After grilling, it is important to ensure that any leftover food particles are scraped away and discarded properly to avoid enticing wildlife that is looking for a cheap meal. Pests like raccoons, opossums and squirrels will often attempt to get under the grill hood if they can smell leftover foods. Scraping the grill with a wire brush or a balled-up piece of tinfoil will ensure food particles are removed.
  • Invest in a Cover - Grill covers are multi-functional and provide protection from the elements as well as potential insects or animals that would seek the get in it. Birds will often build nesting in rarely used grills, ultimately damaging the heating elements and burners. These pests are well documented for carrying diseases that can make your grill potentially unusable.

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