What Brings Ants Inside Your Ft. Worth Home?; Ant Control and Prevention in Ft. Worth TX

What Brings Ants Inside Your Ft. Worth Home?; Ant Control and Prevention in Ft. Worth TXDuring the summer it’s not uncommon to start seeing an increase in ant hills around your home. While this may not cause immediate alarm, the migration of these pesky pests into your home can be very troubling. Common ant species, including the odorous house ant and pharaoh ant, will often be seen walking on kitchen counters in search of food. But what actually brings ants inside of your home?


Ants have very delicate shelters that can easily be destroyed by heavy rains of a misplaced step. When this happens, ants will often have to move the colony to a more convenient location to ensure their continued survival. Unfortunately, this can often become your home for the warmth and direct access to food and water.

Many ant species will take up residence in your walls, keeping the colony protected from you and many over-the-counter ant control solutions. For this reason, it is important to seek the help of a pest control professional to ensure the colony is effectively eradicated, not just the visible ants. Otherwise, the problem will continue to reoccur as new worker ants are sent to forage.

Food and Water

Do you know how many small food morsels or drops of water are littering your countertops or kitchen floor? Even if you don’t see them, ants will likely be able to find them with their keen survival senses. One of the biggest factors that brings ants inside your home is the availability of food and water.

Limit their access to these items can help discourage their decision to stay in your home. This can be done by regularly cleaning countertops and sweeping the floors. However, if you already have ants inside your home, it is unlikely they will live on their own volition and professional pest control services will likely be needed for an accurate solution.

Why Pied Piper Services for Ant Control?

Once ants have established a colony in your home or business they can be incredibly difficult to get rid of without the assistance of a pest control professional. The experts at The Pied Piper have the knowledge, skills and equipment needed to ensure your ant problem doesn’t continue. If you need help removing ants, contact us today!

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