Bird Infestation Damages Tulsa Business; Bird Control and Removal in Tulsa, OK

Bird Infestation Damages Tulsa BusinessOklahomans are no strangers to sound of birds. Though early morning chirping can be a relaxing and peaceful experience, too much of a good thing can always be a bad thing. As a bird infestation intensifies, the sound can be deafening and their damage to your property could be even worse.

Because birds are naturally found gathering food from place to place, it’s no surprise that their feeding and nesting habits can come with some distinct problems. Mites, fleas and ticks are readily transported by these pests and can be easily introduced into your home or business. This can lead to a wide variety of health problems for any individuals in the affected area.

Birds will often nest at out-of-reach or high places to ensure the safety of themselves and their eggs. This can cause many problems for your structure, as well as the roofing. Bird droppings are highly corrosive and cause nearly any material to deteriorate over time.

Signs of Bird Infestation

Bird control or removal may be necessary with even a few birds that have nested in your attic or atop your commercial building. However, the severity of your infestation can usually be gauged by a few distinct signs. Here are the signs of bird infestation you should be looking for in Tulsa, OK.

  • Large Groups – In many cases, homeowners will be able to visually see large numbers of birds congregating around their home if an infestation is present. However, it is not uncommon to see large groups of birds migrating together. If they stay for extended periods, it may signal a much more serious problem.
  • Bird Droppings – If you have ever walked down the sidewalk in an area heavily populated by birds, you likely have noticed the white droppings that litter the sidewalks. When these droppings dry, they can be disturbed and inhaled accidentally without even knowing it. This can cause many different health problems.
  • Incessant Noise – When large groups of birds accumulate on your property, the noise they create can be intolerable. Even worse, if birds make their way into your home or business through the attic or another entry way, the sound can fill the entire structure.
  • Visible Damage – When searching for bird damage around a structure, there are several distinct areas that are most susceptible. Birds look for secluded and sheltered areas to create their nests. If a suitable area is not found, birds will alter your structure to make it more accommodating.

Bird Control and Removal

Effective control and removal of birds will often require the assistance of a professional wildlife removal expert. Pied Piper Services has the equipment and training necessary to help bring peace back to your home or business after bird infestation has occurred. Contact us today to learn how we can help!

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