Identifying Common Pest Birds in Oklahoma and Texas; Bird Control and Prevention in Broken Arrow, OK

Identifying Common Pest Birds in Oklahoma and TexasPests birds can cause a wide range of problems for homeowners and business owners. Though there are many relaxing properties to sitting in nature and watching birds feed, it can cause definitive problems when the birds start to get too close for comfort. With the ability to transmit diseases, deface and damage buildings and contaminate food, common pest birds can quickly become a nuisance.

Identifying Common Pest bird

Most birds will have some form of protection under federal law with the exception of a few common pest birds. For the purposes of this blog, we will be discussing these common species that are not protected by federal law to give you a better idea of how to keep them from taking over your home or business. Here are some common pest birds found in Oklahoma and Texas:

  • Pigeons - The feeding habits of pigeons in urban environments have given them a notable title as one of the most prominent pest birds around. In city settings, pigeons can often be seen feeding on trash, or even manure, to ensure their survival. For this reason, their droppings are considering particularly problematic for their role in disease transmission.
  • European Starling - The European starling, or common starling, is considered a pest bird primarily because of their defecation and vocalization habits. In urban areas, the starling will often nest in trees, ledges and exhaust vents while defending these nests very aggressively. Areas near Starling nests will often be accompanied by large amounts of droppings and audible noise.
  • House Sparrow - Most known for their rapid breeding habits, house sparrows are a common sight across the state. In many cases, house sparrows will depend on manmade structures to provide adequate shelter and nearby food sources. House sparrows will typically be seen in large groups nesting within a few miles from each other.

Pied Piper Services for Bird Control and Prevention

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