What Damages Are Mice Responsible For?

What Damages Are Mice Responsible For?Although rats and mice are well known for the health risks associated with their presence in a home or business, there are many other problems that can arise. Namely, rodents cause damages on a substantial level when their population numbers are left unchecked. Here are some of the potential ways mice cause damages to your home or business:

Damages Caused By Nest-Building

When a mouse, or several, finds its way into your structure, they will generally begin harvesting materials to use for nest-building. Unfortunately, nothing in your home is safe when this happens, including furniture, books and clothing. Any material that they see as useful for their nest can be destroyed as they harvest materials.

In an effort to create a snug nest that will protect both the mouse and its offspring from potential predators, including you, they may also burrow into walls or furniture. This ultimately can cause structural damage as the rodent continues to burrow or destroy the integrity of your furniture, leading to costly replacements. The deeper they can get to remain undisturbed, the more potential damages you could be incurring.

Damages to Electrical Wiring

Throughout their life, mice will routinely gnaw on various materials to wear down their constantly growing teeth. When these rodents find their way into attics or walls, exposed electrical wires could become their primary target. This, unfortunately, presents a completely new problem for homes and businesses.

When rodents chew on wiring, the copper material inside becomes unshielded, presenting a fire hazard. If these exposed wires make contact with materials such as wood or paper, the heat or energy transfer coming from this copper may result in a fire. For this reason, keeping your attic, walls or any exposed wires free from rodent infestation is critical for maintaining the safety of your structure.

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