Different Species of Cockroaches in Muskogee OK; American, Smokybrown, Oriental, German & Brownbanded Cockroach Pest Control

Different Species of Cockroaches in Muskogee OKWith thousands of species of roaches crawling through the world, there is handful of cockroaches more common to Oklahoma. Most cockroaches are viewed as nothing more than filthy and grotesque looking insects, sent to make you feel dirty and to give you a good jolt from time to time. But despite the pristine condition you keep your home in, cockroach infestations can still make their presence known.

Pied Piper Services would like to share some facts concerning the five most commonly found cockroaches in Oklahoma; the American, Smokybrown, Oriental, German & Brownbanded cockroach.

American Cockroach


They are one of the larger species found in the area, and can measure up to 2” in length. They are a chestnut brown or a reddish brown color. They do have a distinctive yellow-gold band just behind their heads. Before reaching adulthood, cockroach nymphs are wingless, but when they advance, the adults have wings. Female wings are the length of their abdomen, and males are slightly longer. They favor the warmer nesting grounds; furnace rooms and heating ducts are common. Residential homes are not the only places where American roaches infest, but are also attracted to food industries and businesses such as; grocery stores, restaurants, hospitals and offices. Convenient food and water supplies are optimal. These roaches are nocturnal and shy away from light sources. American cockroaches will consume any human food they can locate, and devour organic materials including paper, glue and pet food.

Oriental Cockroach


Oriental cockroaches are also referred to as water bugs and though they prefer warmth, they can survive freezing cold temperatures. They are generally shiny and black and are approximately an inch long. Females are wingless, while the males have wings just short of their abdomens but do not fly. They prefer dark and damp locations to nest in. Oriental cockroaches are notorious for emitting pungent odors and have a nasty habit of contaminating food and surfaces with bacteria and germs. These roaches frequent sewers as well and have been known to spread diseases

Smokybrown Cockroach


Smokybrown cockroaches are usually a brownish black color and on the smaller side. They prefer the outdoors and warmth. Hiding in mulch beds, ground covers, tree holes, leafy piles and around eaves or where moisture is present. When they make their way into your building, they utilize utility lines and plumbing pipes or compromised weaknesses under siding, rooftops or even through open doors and windows. They will feed on accessible food crumbs, fecal matter, dead insects or plant materials.

German Cockroach


German roaches are tan or light brown in color with two horizontal strips of a light, golden color stretching down their body. Both sexes have wings, and though they are capable of flight, they prefer running for more security as they can run very quickly. They prefer dwelling in warm and humid locations. Bathroom and kitchens are ideal.

Brownbanded Cockroaches


These roaches are probably the smallest of the roach intruders, and are light brown or tan. These cockroaches thrive in warm temperatures, and prefer the attic or behind appliances. They can spread disease, germs and bacteria.

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No matter the cockroach infestation you have in your home, they can potentially spread diseases, bacteria, germs and induce allergies. Pied Piper Services can completely eradicate cockroach outbreaks and with the help of a routinely scheduled maintenance program, minimize the intrusions. Call us today to schedule your appointment!