Identifying Signs of Rodent Infestation

Identifying Signs of Rodent InfestationDuring the winter, the likelihood of seeing a mouse or rat in your home increases as they continue to seek shelter from the cold. However, for many homeowners and business owners, seeing a live rodent typically means that a large population is currently inhabiting the structure. To ensure your home or business is protected from rodent infestation, here are the identifying signs you need to know.
  • Rodent Droppings – As rodents make their way around your home or business searching for food, they will often leave their droppings around hidden areas such as cupboards and under sinks as well as near potential food sources. Unfortunately, this can lead to detrimental health problems if left unchecked.
  • Disturbed Food Packaging – In both residential and commercial buildings, inspecting stored foods can often be a tell-tale sign of rodent infestation. In many cases, rats and mice will chew through product packaging to get to the foods they contain.
  • Unexplained Smells – During a rodent infestation, many different smells can become apparent inside of your home or business. While many will likely already know the smell of a decomposing rodent, the presence of an ammonia-like smell may also be present due to urine deposits by mice or rats.

Preventing a rodent infestation is often most effective when exclusionary efforts are already in place. By limiting the number of resources available to rodents, you have a far better chance of making your home or business less accommodating to their needs. On the other hand, if shelter, food and water are present in your structure, rodents aren’t likely to seek out new nesting areas.

Removing leaf piles, which rodents can inhabit, from your yard and keeping stored firewood away from the foundation of your home or business will help limit the access these pests have. Sealing any holes that provide entry into the structure will also help limit the access they have inside. Following standard exclusionary rodent proofing recommendations can help ensure your structure remains rodent-free.

Pied Piper Services for Commercial Rodent Control

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