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Indoor House & Outdoor Garden Ant Control Products & Services in Eufaula OKThere are many different threats to protect your home and your family from and they come in all different shapes and sizes. Some of these threats include natural disasters, criminal activity and pests coming into your Eufaula Oklahoma home. The latter is the most common threat that will affect most homeowners. While termite and rat infestations do happen, they are not as likely as other tiny visitors coming into your home. The most common household pest that humans will ever come into contact with is the ant. Ants can easily gain access into your home and cause a great deal of annoyance and even contaminate our food.

Why are Tiny Ants in My House?

Ants target homes due to the shelter and food that they provide. They have the ability to squeeze through the smallest crack or crevice they can find on the exterior of a home to get inside. Most homeowners that believe their home is tightly sealed up are usually wrong and end up finding out the hard way. Once inside of your home ants will immediately begin searching for a reliable food or water source. These areas usually include your kitchen, bathroom or laundry room. Ants travel in large numbers, making it difficult to remove them from your home; especially if they are not discovered immediately upon arrival.

How to Get Rid of Ant Trail Scents

One amazing trait that ants’ possess is their ability to leave an invisible scented trail that leads from food to nest. This invisible scented trail is most important to the rest of the ant colony that is now living in your home, as it leads them to and from the reliable food source that has been discovered. Leaving leftovers and dirty dinner plates out, crumbs on the floor or even sweet drinks out on the counter is a great way to attract ants into your kitchen. Ants have an extremely strong sense of smell, so if there is even one crumb left out, they will find it.

Removing Ant Infestations in your Oklahoma House & Home

Once ants have established a healthy colony and nest within your home, an ant infestation is likely to occur and will be extremely difficult to remove on your own. Ants can build and establish healthy nests in many different areas of your home that may be hard to find. Ants have been known to camp out within the walls of homes, underneath sinks, and other areas that may be difficult to reach. The best way to remove ants from your home and property is to hire Pied Piper Services. Pied Piper Services is skilled and experienced in effective ant removal. We have the best pest control products as well as the responsible knowledge and experience to use them effectively.

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