Bird Control

Bird watching can be an incredibly fulfilling hobby that provides a sense of relaxation and adventure. However, most Oklahoma business owners and homeowners haven’t stopped to think about the potential damages that can be caused by unwelcome roosting or nesting. In fact, each year pest birds are responsible for tens of millions of dollars in damage across the nation.

Bird droppings contain uric acid which is highly corrosive to a wide variety of materials. Over time, these droppings have the potential to discolor paint, damage roofing, clog gutters, short-circuit valuable electrical equipment and eat away concrete and metal. For this reason, bird droppings that are left on surfaces for prolonged periods are the biggest factor contributing to damage. When wet, bird droppings have also been known to create potential slip and fall injuries.

The nesting habits of birds can also be particularly devastating to a business or home. When an eave or roof of a structure is determined to be a suitable home by birds, structural damage becomes a likely scenario. Over time, the bird will begin modifying the structure to better accommodate the nest by destroying roofing.


Because of their extensive traveling and food gathering methods, birds are also a potential carrier of harmful parasites. The introduction of birds on your property will also likely mean the arrival of mites, ticks and fleas that they have been transporting. However, these aren’t the only potential health threats caused by birds.

Health Threats Associated with Bird Infestation

The migratory behaviors of birds make them an excellent vector for a wide variety of viruses and diseases. This can cause problems in areas that contain heavy amounts of droppings because the virus is still active in dried droppings. If the droppings are disturbed, inhalation can cause detrimental health problems including:


– Histoplasmosis

– Meningitis

– Salmonella

– Paratyphoid

– Avian Flu

– Toxoplasmosis

The removal of a bird nest without the appropriate precautions can also expose an individual to these viruses or diseases. It is important to utilize the proper safety equipment required to safely remove a nest.

For this reason, it is recommended that homeowners or business owners utilize the services of a professional.



Bird Control Barrier Protection

Pied Piper Services proudly offers effective bird control solutions to protect historic sites, businesses and homes from the potential damages associated with bird infestation. Our primary goal is to provide the best pest control solution possible without damaging the aesthetic qualities of your property. By utilizing a utility vehicle with bucket attachment and the most effective bird prevention products available, our bird control solutions are among the most effective available to our Oklahoma and Texas customers.

Pied Piper Van

Installing Bird Netting Barriers

One of the most effective bird prevention solutions available is the introduction of a bird netting system. These barriers work extremely well to prevent nesting or roosting in structures with large open areas, including bell towers and courtyards, where pigeons or other birds would otherwise have easy access. As a permanent barrier system, bird netting is almost invisible and provides excellent protection for preserved buildings or those containing items of historical significance. Bird repellant netting is constructed from high-density polyethylene twine that has been UV treated to resist deterioration from the sun. After installing a cable support system consisting of steel attachments, the netting is stretched and attached to the cabling system. This provides a tight, impenetrable barrier that humanely provides bird exclusion.


Advantages of Bird Netting

There are many advantages of utilizing bird netting barriers as opposed to other bird control and prevention methods. Using bird netting will not drastically alter the appearance of your structure. Here are some other advantages to using bird netting:

  • 100% Bird Exclusion
  • Strong and Versatile
  • Long Lifespan of 10 Years or More
  • Flame Resistant Construction
  • Will Not Rot or Absorb Water
  • Available in Standard and Custom Fits

Installing Bird Spikes

Another effective bird exclusion method is the installation of bird spikes along the perimeter of your structure. Bird barrier spikes are designed to prevent pest birds from landing or roosting around your property. This bird control and prevention device can be attached to a wide variety of surfaces including ledges, commercial signage, street lighting and many other potential roost areas to prevent pest birds from creating nests or perching. Bird control spikes are designed to limit the available area birds are able to land on around your structure. Generally spanning 1 foot long, bird control spikes are generally not a physical danger to birds that come into contact with them. Instead, this highly effective bird control solution primarily functions as a humane deterrent for potentially damaging birds such as crows and pigeons.


Advantages of Bird Spikes

Bird spikes are one of the most commonly used bird exclusion devices because of the limitless applications and adjustability to most surfaces. Once installed, bird control spikes are nearly noticeable and won’t drastically alter the appearance of your structure. Here are some other advantages to using bird spikes:

  • Easy Installation for Most Surfaces
  • Virtually Invisible After Installation
  • Sun and Weather Resistant Materials
  • Human and Effective Exclusion of Larger Birds
  • Adjusts to Flat or Curved Surfaces
  • Limits Landing Access for Pest Birds

Installing Electric Tracks

For properties experiencing multiple bird species roosting or perching around their structure, the introduction of an electric track will likely be the best option for bird exclusion. This bird control solution uses a mild electric shock to not harm birds, but encourage them the avoid landing on the structure. Electric tracks can be installed on virtually any surface including ledges, eaves, signage or any other flat or curved surface. Electric tracks provide highly effective exclusion for all bird species, regardless of the size, for superior bird control and exclusion. This unique bird control method utilizes an electrified tracking system that can be installed on a virtually any surface to provide a safe but effective shock to birds that come into contact with it. Instead of harming the birds, the mild shock conditions the birds to avoid the structure.


Advantages of Electric Tracks

Pest birds can become very costly for property owners or managers. With the wide variety of problems these pests can cause, electric tracks provide an effective solution that prevents roosting or perching from all potential birds. Here are some of the advantages to using electric tracks:

  • Humane and Effective Bird Exclusion
  • Deters Birds of All Sizes
  • Low-Profile System Doesn’t Alter Appearance of Structure
  • Can be Installed on Virtually Any Surface
  • Low-Maintenance Bird Control and Deterrent
  • UV and Weather Resistant Construction

Installing Bird Spiders

If you are interested in keeping large birds away from a specific area, you will likely benefit from the installation of a bird spider. This humane stand-alone bird deterrent has multiple arms that bounce and sway or rotate with the wind to scare off potential pest birds. As a standalone bird control solution, bird spiders can be installed on a variety of surfaces including AC units, docks, boats, street lights or skylights. Bird spiders function as a highly effective scare-tactic for large bird species that attempt to roost or perch in a concentrated area. As the bird spider is affected by the wind or a breeze, it creates a visual distraction that will ward off any pest birds in the vicinity because they interpret it as a predator. This effective bird deterrent can be glued to flat surfaces for a permanent solution for pest birds.


Advantages of Bird Spiders

Some settings and surfaces provide ample hospitality for larger bird species without accommodating traditional bird control methods. As a result, property owners are left searching for a stand-alone bird deterrent option. Here are some advantages of using bird spiders:

  • Permanent Stand-Alone Bird Deterrent
  • Designed for High Wind Resistance
  • Humane and Effective Bird Deterrent
  • 360 Design Scares Potential Large Pest Birds
  • Low Maintenance Bird Control
  • Varied Sizes for Optimal Coverage

Installing Bird Spiders

Bird repellent gel is a sticky, transparent repellent that can be applied in a caulking form to ledges, signage, piping and many other horizontal surfaces. As one of the most affordable bird repellent options available, bird repellent gels are an effective and economical solution to help keep birds from nesting or landing on your structure. This bird repellent solution can be used on both indoor and outdoor surfaces. Bird repellent gel creates a sticky barrier on horizontal surfaces that birds are prone to landing on. When birds land, the sticky sensation on their feet will cause discomfort and ultimately encourage the bird to move to a more comfortable location. Instead of harming the bird, this repellent gel focuses are making the potential landing or nesting site uncomfortable with great results.


Advantages of Bird Repellent Gel

Keeping unwanted birds from roosting or nesting on your property can seem like an ongoing struggle. With economical solutions like bird repellent gel, preventing pest birds has never been easier. Here are some of the advantages to using bird repellent gel:

  • Works in Extreme Temperatures
  • Virtually Invisible Bird Repellent
  • Lasts Up To 6 Months
  • Easy and Fast Installation
  • Economical Bird Control Solution
  • Humane and Effective Bird Repellent

Why Choose The Pied Piper for Bird Control & Prevention?

The experts at Pied Piper Services have the knowledge and experience necessary to help remove bird infestations at your home or business. By providing the best bird control experience and customer service possible, we have become the premier bird control provider throughout Oklahoma and Texas. Our commitment to innovation and enhancing our services with new equipment and treatment methods is unparalleled.

To ensure your job is completed accurately and efficiently, we utilize a utility vehicle with bucket attachment to safely reach the potential nesting sites around your structure. With this technology, we are able to assess the property quickly and accurately to provide the best bird control solutions possible. If you are in need of bird control services, or would like to preemptively begin bird exclusion, call us at (888) 737-8943 or contact us today.