Commercial Pest Control

As a business owner, what’s affecting your CUSTOMERS AND EMPLOYEES? How about rats, mice, birds, and insects? The presence of pests in your business can affect your profit by bringing in disease, threatening health and safety, contaminating food, and damaging your building structure! Pied Piper Commercial Pest Control Services is here to help with the latest pest control technologies and methods for your business with a focus on total customer satisfaction.

As a business owner, you likely already know the potential problems that can arise from pests finding their way into your structure, including health hazards and the risks they pose to your reputation. Unfortunately, commercial locations in the food service industry are very attractive to a wide variety of pests making commercial pest control and proper sanitation critical. If you are struggling with pests in your business, or just want to proactively keep them out, Pied Piper Commercial Pest Control Services can help.

Commercial Pest Control Services for Most Pests

The conditions available inside of a commercial building, particularly restaurants and bars, make them a viable nesting location for a wide variety of pests. Commercial Pest Control treatments are available for roaches, ants, silverfish, spiders (including brown recluse and black widow), bed bugs, fleas, ticks, beetles, flying insects (including mosquitoes), crickets, rodents, scorpions, centipedes, pill bugs or ANY other pests.


Specialized, Customized Treatments for Commercial Pests

At Pied Piper Commercial Pest Control Services, we know that your business’ pest control needs aren’t the same as another business. For this reason, our well-established pest-elimination and prevention programs are customized and designed specifically for your business needs. No matter what pests you are finding in your business, the experts at Pied Piper Services will have the solution to get rid of them and keep them from coming back. Services we provide include:

Commercial Kitchen
Commercial Pest Control

The experts at Pied Piper Commercial Pest Control Services can identify any pests that may be inhabiting your business and utilize the latest pest control technologies and methods to remove them. Protecting your employees and customers is likely your biggest goal as a business owner; helping you achieve that goal is ours. To ensure the best service possible, we provide trend reporting on pests as well as insect and rodent monitoring devices.

Trend Reporting

For most business owners, knowing that their best interests are being taken care of is crucial and money isn’t being wasted unnecessarily on unneeded services. At Pied Piper, we want to make sure you are confident about our partnership and provide a detailed pest report following each regular maintenance visit. This allows us to see trends throughout the year and better accommodate your businesses’ specific commercial pest control needs.

Monitoring Devices

Pied Piper Services utilizes the ServSenor™ to provide real-time, 24/7 monitoring for a wide variety of pests that can be found in commercial properties, including rodents and other wildlife. This technology gives us the ability to know if your trap has been activated or disturbed and take immediate action, allowing us to quickly and efficiently remove pests from your property. By using the ServSensor™, we can proactively identify problems before you, or your customers, see a problem.


Proven Track Record

Pied Piper Commercial Pest Control Services has a proven track record with prominent clients in hospitality, healthcare, food processing, Industrial, food distribution and property management. As top rated, local commercial pest control experts we are able to provide superior pest elimination and prevention services for many different industries, including AIB inspected facilities. No matter what your business’ unique pest control needs are, we are guaranteed to have a solution.

Employee Discounts

Pied Piper Commercial Pest Control Services knows that our clients are our most important resource as a locally owned and operated business. As an added incentive for your employees, Pied Piper Services offers employee discounts for any services that we provide. Whether your employees need residential pest control services for a wide variety of pests or lawn care and fertilization services, they can rest easy knowing that Pied Piper Services is just a call away.

Convenient Scheduling

For business owners that are dealing with a pest problem, the last thing they would likely want to do is miss out on potential revenue by shuttering their doors for pest control treatments. To ensure you, and your customers, aren’t inconvenienced Pied Piper Services provides convenient scheduling, including evenings and weekends. If you have struggled with pests in your business, you deserve the opportunity to take care of them when it’s most favorable to you.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

The Pied Piper is committed to providing services that our commercial clients will be completely satisfied with. For this reason, we provide the best money-back guarantee in the business on all of our commercial pest control services. If you are still skeptical, don’t just take our word for it! We encourage you to browse our testimonials to see what makes The Pied Piper different.

Why Choose Pied Piper Services?

Pied Piper is dedicated to providing the service you expect. Not only from our uniform trucks and appearance but also from our professional manner in handling all of our customers’ needs. Pied Piper is a company built on customer satisfaction and most importantly referrals.

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