Mosquito Control

Nothing can ruin your outdoor gatherings faster than pesky mosquitos that are looking for a free meal. If this sounds like an all-too-familiar problem, the experts at Pied Piper Services have several affordable mosquito control solutions to help. Our goal is to provide the most effective mosquito control services possible to ensure your home or business provides a safe, mosquito-free environment for your important gatherings or events.

Aside from their itchy bites, mosquitoes are capable of transmitting many vector-borne diseases including yellow fever, malaria, West Nile virus, chikungunya, dengue fever and, most recently, Zika virus. If that isn’t scary enough, vector-borne diseases are responsible for more than 17% of all infectious diseases worldwide, causing over 700,000 deaths annually. Perhaps most alarming, Aedes mosquitoes that are responsible for the transmission of these diseases are commonly found in Oklahoma, Texas and the neighboring states.

Every mosquito bite is potentially a dangerous one. With new diseases being spread worldwide by common mosquitoes, it is more important than ever to ensure that you are investing in effective mosquito control services to ensure the safety of your family and friends or customers. If you are ready to take back your home or business from these annoying and dangerous pests, we can provide the treatments needed to help!


Mosquito Control Barrier Protection

Mosquitoes are indeed resilient pests that will ruin your outdoor gatherings as well as spread harmful disease. At Pied Piper Services, one of our most efficient systems to control mosquitoes is our barrier protection spray programs. The knowledgeable and experienced pest control technicians at Pied Piper Services will apply a power spray around your home and throughout your backyard to control mosquitoes on contact.

This power spray will continue to provide protection for up to 21 days depending on weather conditions. For season-long control, the skilled pest control technicians at Pied Piper Services recommend an application every 21 days. Our professional and effective mosquito control barrier systems provide protection from the dangers of mosquitoes!


Mosquito Backpack Fogging System Perfect for Front & Backyards

Pied Piper Services is proud to offer a convenient backpack mosquito fogging system and yard perimeter treatment effective for 20-30 days. As in all of our pest control services, our goal is to provide quality and effective pest control without adversely affecting your environment. We strive to use the least toxic, most effective products in the smallest quantity necessary and we find our backpack mosquito fogging system is perfect for spraying front and backyards of our valued Oklahoma and Texas customers.


Effective Mosquito Fogger Control For all of Your Outdoor Events

Are you planning an outdoor event such as a wedding, graduation, quinceañera or family reunion? Don’t let the worry of buzzing, biting mosquitoes and the thought of disease ruin your special event. Our truck mounted Ultra-low volume (ULV) fogging systems will arrive 24-48 hours prior to the arrival of your guests. Our qualified pest control technicians will apply a barrier spray that includes extra protection against other types of biting and stinging insects. Ultra-low volume fogging systems are exactly what you need to ensure your guests enjoy a perfect, mosquito free party.


DISCLAIMER: Pricing and frequency of service subject to change upon inspection of property. Additional fees or sales tax may apply.

Benefits of an Ultra-low Volume Truck Mounted Fogging System Include:

  • Effectively control or greatly reduce the number of mosquitoes around food.
  • Dries in 30 minutes and leaves behind no odor or visible residue.
  • Is applied before your event is set up to ensure that there is no opportunity for contamination.
  • Provides day and night protection throughout your entire event.

Pied Piper Services for Mosquito Control

The only effective way to remove mosquitoes from your home or business is with the help of a professional pest control service. Pied Piper Services utilizes the most effective treatment options in the industry to ensure your mosquito problems are resolved quickly and efficiently. If you are experiencing a mosquito problem around your home or business, call us at (888) 737-8943 or Contact us today.