Pied Piper Termatrac (R) Termite Detection System

Each year, termites are responsible for an estimated $30 billion in damages to man-made structures and crops across the United States. Unfortunately, this silent destroyer could already be damaging your home or business unnoticed. In fact, it is estimated that 1 in 5 homes in high activity areas across Oklahoma are already harboring this destructive pest.

Repair costs associated with termite damages can range widely depending on the size and location of the termite colony. In many cases, termite damages can amount to thousands of dollars in repair costs with the average total typically averaging nearly $3,000. In rare cases, structures are so damaged that the only option is to demolish the structure and rebuild.

When a termite colony is identified within the home, it can often be hard to determine how long the colony has been active. If the colony goes unnoticed for more than 5 years, the chances of extensive damage are very high. To ensure your home or business is protected, proper identification of termites is a necessity.

When a termite colony is identified within the home, it can often be hard to determine how long the colony has been active. If the colony goes unnoticed for more than 5 years, the chances of extensive damage are very high. To ensure your home or business is protected, proper identification of termites is a necessity.

Accurate detection of termites and termite damages is critical to ensuring your home or business is protected from costly repairs associated with the feeding habits of these destructive pests.

For homeowners or business owners that are dealing with termite infestation, these pests can often go unnoticed until extensive damage has already been caused. To avoid this possibly expensive scenario, Pied Piper utilizes the Termatrac® T3i to provide accurate and efficient termite detection services. This solution can help determine the extent of your termite infestation without the traditionally damaging inspection that comes with termite inspections.

Termite damage costs 13 billion

About Pied Piper Termatrac® Termite Detection Sytem

The Termatrac® T3i is the best termite detection system available for pest control professionals. This tool combines the three critical technologies required to efficiently detect, locate and confirm the presence of termites and termite damage within a structure. The Termatrac® T3i works in the following 3 ways:


Termite Detection Radar

The Pied Piper Termatrac® Termite Detection System is the only detection tool available that can precisely detect termites without the penetration of walls, floors or ceilings. This can help remove the need for post-inspection repairs and limit the inconvenience experienced by home or business owners. By utilizing this technology, the risk of disruption and displacement of a termite colony is decreased to provide more targeted termite treatments.


Remote Thermal Sensor with Laser Guide

Active termites will often generate a significant amount of heat within the walls of a structure. To help detect termite activity in suspect locations throughout a home or business, the Pied Piper Termatrac® Termite Detection System utilizes a remote thermal sensor to locate and trace termite nests or entry points. With an attached field-of-view laser guide, your pest control professional can precisely pinpoint termite activity within the walls of your structure.


Moisture Sensor

Termites need moisture sources to ensure their survival. For this reason, the detection of moisture sources is critical for proper detection of termite prone locations throughout the structure. The Pied Piper Termatrac® Termite Detection System makes identification of high-risk areas with concentrated moisture simple and efficient.

This 3-in-1 functionality makes the Termatrac® T3i the most effective termite detection system available. Bluetooth connectivity of this handheld device allows Pied Piper Services to accurately detect termites in the most confined or inaccessible areas within your home or business. This Bluetooth connectivity also allows data readings and reports to be stored easily with an android device for later analysis.

Benefits of the Pied Piper Termatrac® Termite Detection System

Traditional termite inspections were impossible to perform without intrusive or destructive methods. Using the Termatrac® T3i we can provide superior termite detection services without the need for drastic changes to your structure. Some of the benefits associated with this system include:

Nonintrusive Termite Detection – The radar technology utilized with the Termatrac® T3i is nonintrusive to detect termite damages without causing unnecessary damages to find termites in the process. This system can detect termites through a wide variety of building materials including timber, brick, concrete, drywall and many other common building materials.

Safe Operation – The Termatrac® Detection Radar operates with fewer microwaves than a cell phone making it compliant with all relevant safety standards. The unique design construction of this device also directs all power away from the operator for enhanced safety.

Accurate Termite Detection – In most cases, when termites are disturbed they will retreat to the colony or move to a different part of the home. Because this system is nonintrusive, termites are not disturbed, allowing accurate termite detection and targeted termite treatments.

Successful Termite Treatments – Knowing that termites are present in your home or business is half the battle to eliminating them. Use of this system ensures the exact location of termites are known and reduces the possibility of extensive treatments to eradicate existing termite colonies.

The technology utilized by the Pied Piper Termatrac® Termite Detection System is designed to provide the most effective termite detection possible. Signals emitted and received by the Termite Detection Radar have been optimized to detect the movements of termite shaped objects through dense materials. Not only does the Termatrac® T3i provide invaluable termite detection with advanced technology, it is easy to use.


How Does the Pied Piper Termatrac® Termite Detection System Work?

The Pied Piper Termatrac® Termite Detection System operates through 2 components, a sensor device and a display device. The sensor device contains the termite detection radar, remote thermal sensor and moisture sensor. The display device is used to control the sensors and provide scan results in real time or store for later analysis. To begin your termite inspection, your pest control professional will utilize the moisture sensor and thermal sensor incorporated into the Termatrac® T3i system to identify common high-risk areas that could be housing subterranean termites within your home or business. Once these areas are identified, the onboard termite detection radar can be used to confirm termites, nest locations and entry points. With these areas identified, effective termite treatment can be performed.

The 3-in-1 technology built into the Termatrac® T3i enables your pest control professional to scan the surface of your walls, ceiling or flooring to easily identify high humidity or moisture levels that are favored by a wide variety of pests, including termites. Once these areas are identified, they will also be scanned for heat sources. When large groups of termites are present within a wall, they will generate substantial levels of heat and humidity. To identify these areas, the onboard remote thermal sensor included in the Termatrac® T3i can be placed against suspect surfaces. The unit then wirelessly transmits real-time temperature readings to the connected display device for an accurate and efficient reading.

Once these high-risk areas have been identified, the T3i hand held unit can be switched to radar mode to identify the physical presence and movement of termites inside of the identified surface. The pest control professional will then place the unit against the suspected surface area that is harboring a potential colony. This data is then transmitted to the display device as a bar graph that identifies the activity level of any termites that may be present.

If the Termite Detection Radar gives a positive reading, termite activity can then be tracked to locate a potential entry point or colony nest. The unique technology contained in the Pied Piper Termatrac® Termite Detection System can show your pest control professional the extent of a termite infestation and the traveling direction utilized by these pests. Using the Termatrac® T3i, Pied Piper can continue to provide the best termite control services available throughout Oklahoma and Texas.


Termite Identification

Several species of termites are found throughout the United States, but Oklahoma is home to one of the worst types. Throughout the state, the subterranean termite will often be found eating away at structures that contain cellulose material. Unfortunately, subterranean termites are often difficult to identify because their nests may be hidden underground.

Types of termites

Because the eastern subterranean termite is so widely distributed in the United States, it is believed that this species is responsible for most of the damage to homes and businesses across the nation. In many cases, homes or businesses are most vulnerable to infestation or termite damage where there is direct wood-to-ground contact or moisture problems are present. Often, the most noticeable sign of termites is the termite tubes they create to travel between the colony and a food source.

Termites are small and secretive, meaning they can often be difficult to identify without the proper tools or experience. To help ensure proper identification to protect homes and businesses across Oklahoma from termite damage, Pied Piper Services utilizes the Termatrac® Termite Detection System.

Pied Piper Services for Termite Detection and Elimination

Because subterranean termites will often nest underground, detection can often be problematic without the proper tools and experience. With the Pied Piper Termatrac® Termite Detection System, we can detect moisture sources, heat sources or active termites that may be hiding inside the walls of your structure. Before you call a termite removal specialist that could potentially damage your walls searching for termites, trust the experts at Pied Piper Services for a better solution!

The most effective way to detect termites in your home or business is with the help of a professional pest control service that uses the Termatrac® T3i. the Pied Piper Termatrac® Termite Detection System is the most effective treatment option in the pest control industry to ensure your termite problems are identified quickly and treated efficiently. If you are experiencing a potential termite infestation, call us at (888) 737-8943 or contact us today.