Termite Inspection & Control

As you are reading this, there could be hundreds of thousands of termites eating away at your most valuable investments and millions under or around it. The destruction that termites inflict on a building can completely wipe out its structural integrity and result in extremely expensive repair costs. Termites cause more harm to man-made structures every year than any other pest or insect around, causing an estimated $30 billion in damages in the United States annually.

Termites are persistent insects that will do everything they can to gain access into your home or business. Your structure becomes an attractive target for these destructive pests as a source of food and shelter for an entire colony. To make matters worse, termites don’t only eat through wood, but they also tunnel through drywall and other materials that make up your home just to get to food sources.

Most homeowners or business owners don’t discover they are dealing with a termite infestation until a great deal of damage has already been done within the walls of their structure. To further compound the problem, most insurance policies will not cover termite damage because it is a gradual process. To ensure you’re not stuck with a hefty bill, early detection and prevention are critical.

Termite damage

Residential Termite Inspection & Control

A professional termite inspection is the best way to find out if your home has fallen victim to the fierce destruction of termites. It is also a great way to be proactive and combat termites before they even have a chance to invade your home with and cause enormous damages, such as during construction termite treatment. 

Pied Piper Services knows that residential termite control shouldn’t be a guessing game. You deserve a tried and true residential termite control solution that is ready 24/7. The knowledgeable Sentricon Specialists at Pied Piper Services are trained and qualified to use the Sentricon® System to effectively control and prevent termite attacks by installing and maintaining a ring of Sentricon stations around your home.

Commercial Pest Control

Commercial Termite Inspection & Control

Unfortunately, no business is protected from the threat of termite infestation and the expensive damages that accompany them without thorough commercial termite inspections. At Pied Piper Services, we have skilled pest technicians who specialize in commercial termite inspections for your business to help protect your bottom line. Our technicians know exactly what to look for when inspecting your property for termites, including the trails and traces that termites leave behind like mud tubes and damaged wood.

Your business is likely that single biggest investment you have made in your life and serves as a vital source of income for both you and your employees. So, it only makes sense to protect it with effective commercial termite control that can decrease the chance of costly repairs in the future. The professional Sentricon specialists at Pied Piper Services can install the Sentricon® System at your business to control current colonies and stop new ones from returning with our effective commercial termite control solutions.


Termite Prevention

There could be as many as 14 subterranean termite colonies on an average single acre of land. With as many as one million termites in each colony, the threat to your home or business seems a little more real. As these termites continue to search for food sources to expand and support their colonies, they will inevitably stumble upon your structure, which can be detrimental If the proper termite prevention solutions aren’t in place.


By utilizing the Sentricon® System, Pied Piper Services can provide the most effective termite prevention possible to our clients. Providing 24/7 monitoring and protection, the Sentricon® System is designed to kill not only the termite colony but also the queen. The Sentricon system is also safe. In fact, it is the only termite product available on the market that has been awarded the Presidential Green Chemistry Award by the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

Professional Lawn Care & Fertilization Services

Pied Piper Services offers each customer a personalized and fully customized program for their lawn. With a custom program scheduled and executed, you will notice that your lawn requires less mow time and that it will grow fuller, greener and much healthier than ever before. We specialize in making each customer feel proud of their lawn and ensuring that it will continue to grow strong with the specific program we have lined out for you.

Pied Piper Services offers these quality services to you with a pay as you go option so you do not have to pay the cost up front in one large payment. You can pay for each treatment individually. We care about your lawn and will give you and your grass the special care and attention required to grow a healthy and beautiful lawn on your property. Contact us today for a free consultation!