Pest Birds Damage Oklahoma Crops; Bird Control and Prevention in Tahlequah, OK

Pest Birds Damage Oklahoma Crops; Bird Control and Prevention in Tahlequah, OKThe fertile soil found across Oklahoma makes the land suitable for a wide variety of crops. Unfortunately, many of these crops are heavily favored by migratory birds and native birds during peak growing seasons. When these pest birds arrive in large groups in a designated crop area, the damage caused by their presence can often be devastating.

Oklahoma farmers have had a long struggle with keeping pest birds from damaging their crop yields through their feeding habits and affinity for seeds and crops. It can be disheartening for a farmer to spend so much time tending to their fields, only to find their work is in vain due to the arrival of blackbirds, pigeons, starlings or other pest bird species. For this reason, proper bird prevention and bird control methods must be utilized for Oklahoma’s agriculture industry.

Bird Control and Prevention for Agriculture

In the past, farmers trusted a lone scarecrow to scare of potential birds that could damage their crops. As times have changed, the concept of utilizing a stationary scarecrow just doesn’t have the same impact as modern bird prevention and bird control solutions. Here are some of the most common solutions utilized by Oklahoma farmers:

  • Bird Netting – While bird netting may be effective when draped over a crop, building a structure around your crops and stretching the netting over it is often the best solution. Since the netting provides adequate sunlight and water to penetrate through, you will have effective bird prevention without the risk of damaging crops or hindering their growth.
  • Bird Spiders – Unlike the traditional scarecrow, bird spiders provide 360 bird prevention with the assistance of wind movement. Bird spiders function as a highly effective scare-tactic for large bird species that may find your crops attractive. Bird spiders can be attached to existing structures or added to a standalone structure near or in your crops.

Pied Piper Services for Bird Control and Prevention

Protecting your crops from the threat of damages caused by pest birds will often require professional services from a bird control expert. The Pied Piper can help determine the best possible solutions for your particular needs to give you peace of mind and protect your valuable assets from potential damages caused by pest birds. Contact us today to learn how we can help!

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