Pigeon Bird Netting Barrier Control & Rodent Pest Trapping, Removal & Exclusion Work on Historical Muscogee Creek Nation Council House Museum in Okmulgee OK

Creek National Capital also referred to as Creek Council House is a building located in downtown Okmulgee, Oklahoma. Between the years 1878 to 1907, the building was the capitol of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation. In 1961, the building was declared a national historic landmark and now houses the Creek Council House Museum. The museum contains artifacts and exhibits about the history of the Muscogee (Creek) people. The building also contains Native American arts and crafts and many other items of interest.

Rodent Exclusion & Bird Proofing Historic Buildings

One of the problems faced by historic buildings is the age and condition of the building which can directly impact the choice of pest control used. The knowledgeable experts at Pied Piper Services provide exclusion work on historical buildings to keep pigeons, birds, rodents, and other pests out to help preserve the buildings structure as well as protect against disease. Some of the methods used to control birds and rodents include bird netting and rodent trapping. The professionals at Pied Piper Services will begin exclusion work on the Creek Council House Museum shortly and have provided the following information regarding rodent trapping as well as bird and rodent exclusion.

Disease & Damage from Rats & Rodents

The cool weather brings mice and other rodents indoors where it is warm and dry to build nests and prepare for the winter months. Research indicates that 21 million homes & other building structures are invaded by rodents every year. Rats, mice and other rodents can spread disease, contaminate food and bring fleas and lice with them. Rodents are also responsible for structural damage which can create fire hazards.

Some of the signs of rodent infestations include:

Mouse & Rodent Droppings – which can be found along walls, in boxes, old furniture and other objects
Rodent Bite Marks – on wood and other items
Rodent Tracks – along areas where rodents travel
Rat & Rodent Burrows – rodents will nest in various materials including insulation and have a particular fondness for areas that are dark and secluded.

Installing Bird Netting Barriers

Bird netting systems are particularly effective against blocking entry to large open areas such as bell towers and courtyards and any other areas where pigeons or other birds have had access to roost or nest. Bird netting is a permanent barrier system that is almost invisible. The netting system provides protection especially for buildings under preservation that contain artifacts of historical significance.

How does Bird Repellent Netting Work?

The netting is constructed of high density polyethylene twine that is U.V treated making the netting resistant to the effects of the sun. A cable support system is installed and consists of steel attachments. The netting is stretched and attached to the cable support forming a tight impenetrable barrier that is a humane way to exclude birds from the structure.

Advantages of Bird Netting Include:

• 100% bird exclusion
• Strong and versatile
• Long life span of 10 years or more
• Flame resistant
• Will not rot or absorb water
• Available in standard and custom fits

For more information about bird netting, rodent removal or any other pest control and exclusion, contact the professionals at Pied Piper Services and speak with a knowledgeable customer service representative. We proudly provide a comprehensive list of pest control services in Cushing, Muskogee, Tahlequah, Okmulgee, Wilburton & McAlester OK | Fort Worth, Midlothian & Duncanville, TX!






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