Protect Your Structure From Unwelcome Ants

Protect Your Structure From Unwelcome AntsIt can be alarming to find ants foraging around your kitchen countertop or around your business. Not only are these pests incredibly annoying, they can often be hard to get rid of without the support of a pest control professional. If you are finding unwelcome ants around your home or business, the experts at Pied Piper Services can help.

Customized Treatment Programs

What works for one species of ant doesn’t always work for another. The knowledgeable pest control professionals at Pied Piper Services can help determine what species of ant is currently in your structure then create a customized treatment program to deal with them. Don’t put the safety of your home at risk with DIY treatments, let us assist you!

Insect Monitoring Devices

Pied Piper Services utilizes non-intrusive insect monitoring devices to determine what pests may be in your home or business. We can install these devices in high-traffic areas that may be utilized by a wide variety of pests. This allows us to accurately and quickly provide the best pest control solutions possible for any pests currently inhabiting your structure, including unwelcome ants.

Continued Support

Once your initial pest problems have been dealt with, it’s likely that you will want to keep it from happening again in the future. With the implementation of preventative pest control, you can be sure that your home or business is protected from any ants, or other pests, that may wander onto your property. When paired with a solid exclusion plan that limits the entry points available in your structure, you will be on the right track to remain pest-free.

Why Pied Piper Services for Ant Control?

Once ants have established a colony in your home or business, they can be incredibly difficult to get rid of without the assistance of a pest control professional as DIY treatments only treat the visible populations. The experts at The Pied Piper have the knowledge, skills and equipment needed to ensure your ant problem doesn’t continue. If you need help removing ants, contact us today!

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