Roaches Cause Health Problems in Oklahoma; Cockroach Control and Prevention in Tulsa, OK

Roaches Cause Health Problems in OklahomaCockroaches are one of the most reviled insects in both the home environment and commercial settings because of the disease carrying germs and health risks associated with their presence. In most cases, cockroaches are controlled because they are obnoxious and have a distinct musty smell that grows with their infestation numbers. Here are some of the ways roaches cause health problems in Oklahoma:

Food Contamination

Cockroaches are notoriously dirty and carry a wide variety of diseases and bacteria due to their typical unsanitary living conditions feasting on trash and frequenting hard to clean areas around a home or business. However, cockroaches can contaminate food in ways other than direct contact. Mere exposure to cockroach feces or urine, which is often not readily visible, on food or utensils can cause foodborne illness, making their presence very dangerous.


Roaches cause health problems among the elderly and children that may have an allergic reaction to the proteins they shed. This can cause gastrointestinal health problems and respiratory illness among individuals who spend an extended period of time in a cockroach infested area. Cockroach debris including molts, saliva, droppings or shed body parts may all cause an allergic reaction among those who are susceptible to these allergens.

Bodily Risks

Under high infestations, it is not uncommon for cockroaches to feed on the skin beneath fingernails causing wounds. Typically before infestations reach this level, cockroach control methods have been implemented making this occurrence rare. One scenario that is not uncommon, however, is the presence of cockroaches in bodily parts including the nose and ears, leading to removal by a doctor.

Pied Piper Services for Cockroach Control

If you are experiencing a cockroach infestation in your home, it can often feel like nothing that you try is working. When you partner with The Pied Piper, you are investing in removing the cockroaches in your home or business and keeping new ones from returning. Don’t continue using DIY pest control products that only treat a part of the problem, let us help get rid of the roaches that cause health problems in your home or business!

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